What Is Marketing Automation: A Definitions Guide

Marketing automation technology – software specifically – should make our working lives easier and help us automate tasks that otherwise would have to be thought-to-do and done manually. Doesn’t that sound beneficial? Of course it does. Problem is, it takes time – and know-how. In the case of marketing automation software users, most are only using the manual portions of their software. According to Litmus, fewer than 5% of all marketing emails are automated. Marketing automation software users often sending emails (albeit often beautiful ones) manually…how dare they! Yes they’re marketing, but […]

FAQ: Can I Embed Video in My Email?

Using rich media in marketing campaigns is definitely trending up for 2015. Email is an excellent way to drive your contacts — buyers, prospects — to your content, and so every so often, we get the question, “Can I embed a YouTube video in my email?” The short answer is, “not really.” The standard video embed code won’t work with any inboxes, but HTML5 video can be used to render in iOS, Outlook.com and Apple. HTML5 still won’t work in Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook, though — arguably the three biggest […]

FAQ Answered: Can I Buy an Email List?

First, and importantly: Are you allowed to buy email addresses and add them to your emfluence Marketing Platform account? No. emfluence users/clients can only send to your own permission-based, or “house” list, of opt-in subscribers, those people that reasonably expect to receive email from you. This is also the law in many countries, varying from needing “permission” to “express consent” and they don’t mean those people that forgot to uncheck a box for 3rd party offers a few years ago. That said, email marketers often ask us if they should […]

FAQ: How do I change the color of the links in my email?

With your emfluence custom-branded template, your link color is usually set to a branded color that matches the theme. But have you ever wanted to change the color of a link? After you add a link to your text, highlight the link and select your link color from the text color icon on the Editor.      TIP: Google doesn’t allow black color for links (Hex #000000). If they spot links that are black in your email, they’ll automatically change them to default blue. If you want to make a “black” […]


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