5 Myths of Online Sales Success

By Marie Wiese | President of Marketing CoPilot The world has changed. When B2B buyers had to move completely online, it changed the dynamic for all companies in all industries. We are not going back any time soon. The power of your website sales velocity is now the only metric a B2B company should be measuring.  When you acknowledge this strategically, you realize your Marketing Team should own a number for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) every quarter because this path to conversion aligns with how B2B buyers buy today. If […]

Whitepaper Download Nurture Campaigns

You’re promoting a ton of great whitepaper content, but are you effectively nurturing people who download your content? Learn how to automate campaigns that drive downloads to sales appointments:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to trigger a nurture campaign What sorts of content to offer along the series How to support a nurture into a new sales opportunity

Integrated Social Media Marketing at the KCDMA-SMCKC Luncheon

A few of my favorite takeaways from KCDMA/SMCKC Luncheon Last week I attended a lunch co-hosted by the KCDMA and SMCKC called, “Integrated Social Media Marketing.”  As a self-proclaimed Email Geek, I was thrilled to hear that so many of the email best practices I preach to marketers every day had equally powerful parallels on the Social Media side. I took away some fantastic tips and strategies for creating and maintaining a robust social media presence, no matter your industry or size, that I felt were worthy of sharing. Oh, and […]

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing

Anyone who has blogged or taken the helm of a brand’s social media account for any length of time knows a simple rule of the Internet: Content is key. After all, if you have nothing to say, why should anyone listen? One of the hardest lessons to learn when promoting a brand online is when to write something yourself and when to share someone else’s great insights. Yes, the brand’s official account should emphasize and help promote and spread the brand’s message and expertise, but that’s not all it should do. […]


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