Lead Scoring and CRM — A Match Made in Heaven

Lead scoring and CRM work so in sync that you’d think one was designed specifically for the other and vice versa. To really tackle any marketing campaign, you’ll need to equip yourselves with the tools to help you succeed. Lead scoring models in conjunction with your CRM can help you piece together the puzzling process that is the customer sales journey.   What is Lead Scoring? Lead scoring is the best strategy for measuring how your leads are moving down the sales funnel.   It gives you an indication of how ready […]

How to Use Lead Scoring in Email Workflows

Timing is everything in our world, especially since it is leaning more and more towards personalized experiences. If you run any sort of email campaign, it’s a good idea to take steps to align it with your lead or contact scoring workflow. A proper lead scoring model can get you far in marketing to prospects and customers. It helps you target those who are actually interested at the right time in their sales journey and lets you know which leads should be left to nurture further. Continue reading to learn […]

Designing Your Lead Scoring Model

As wacky as some of our marketing ideas get, there is always a rhyme or reason behind our actions. As marketers, we aren’t just chasing down anyone who stops by our storefront, whether virtually or physically. We understand that the most effective way to grow a business is to use a lead scoring model.   A properly fleshed out lead scoring model is one of the most impactful strategies to put in place to keep track of where your potential clients and customers are in the sales funnel. This is a […]

What’s New: Unsubscribe Reasons, SMS Report Downloads, and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include unsubscribe reasons and a Reason for Unsubscribing Report, downloadable SMS recipient lists, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: Reason for Unsubscribing SM Asks: Can we collect a reason for why a contact unsubscribes? We have added a Preference Page within the Options menu which will allow you to create a list of unsubscribe reasons offered to contacts who decide to opt out of your emails. We’ve provided a default set of reasons, but you can edit, […]

How to Better Utilize Your CRM

A carefully managed CRM system is a beautiful thing. Acting as a central repository where individuals across your business can analyze various customer touchpoints to gauge the health of your sales and marketing operation, it’s both the brain and the beating heart of your organization.   Your CRM system should sit at the very top of your MarTech stack and govern every decision your sales, marketing, and customer service teams make. It should also be a vital resource for your finance department and provide the detailed information your senior leadership team […]


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