Tip of the Month: Web and Email Accessibility

The age of the Internet means information is readily available all the time. But just because this information is available does not mean it is easily accessed by everyone. What if you rely on a screen reader to see the email for you? What if you are unable to operate a mouse and require the use of a keyboard only to navigate a web page? Or perhaps you are one of 300 million people with some type of color deficiency. How can you read the text if the color contrast […]

The Future of Email Part One: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Email

From the future of AMP to the @ sign’s past, emfluence’s first webinar in a series of three with our friends at Email on Acid was a huge success! Featuring Women of Email Co-founder Jen Capstraw, emfluence’s Director of Digital Strategy Cory LaGrange, and Email on Acid’s Betsy Grondy, we covered a full slate of where email has been, what’s happened to email since COVID, and where email is headed next. If you missed the session live, you can sign up to watch the event here. We had so many […]

What’s New: Disabling Link and Click Tracking And More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates are focused on disabling click tracking, sharing contacts and the email Contact Preview. See what our community has asked for and what we built in January 2020: Disable Link and Click Tracking AS Asks: Can you provide the option to disable link/and or click tracking?” You now have the ability to turn off either Click and/or Link Tracking both on an individual email and as template defaults. Remember, turning off tracking means you will not get open and click metrics. Find out more in the help […]

Tip of the Month: How to Do a Dark Mode Email Image Swap

This month’s Email Tip of the Month comes from Developer Ed Ball with Email On Acid. Email On Acid offers the comprehensive pre-flight email testing and rendering tools that make the emfluence Marketing Platform’s Preview Pane so powerful. Dark mode can sometimes cause problems for email developers because, as usual, email clients render things differently. But dark mode also provides us with an opportunity to try some pretty cool tricks. Be sure to catch our Jan. 12th Webinar with Email On Acid as we cover Lessons Learned from 50 Years […]


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