5 Life-Hacks to Adjust Your Spam Score…and a Puppy

You’ve perfected the spacing, the images are just the right size, and now you’re ready to test and run pre-flight (which we always suggest before hitting send). The results are in. The email renderings look fantastic across the various inboxes; however, the Spam Filter check is not passing with flying colors. We’ve all been in this position – there isn’t enough time to send the email back to be rewritten, but we send with the risk of ending up in the dreaded spam folder. Luckily, we have a few MacGyver-style […]

Features Update: Show Off Your Awesomeness

This month’s features update is all about our Reports feature—and how we’ve made changes to it that make showing off your awesomeness even easier. The update to the Reports section in the emfluence Marketing Platform is focused around three key areas: building reports, sharing reports, and automating reports. Ultimately, we want to make sharing and building reports easy and productive for you and for anyone with whom you share your reports. Let’s take a deeper look at how these changes are designed to make your job easier.   Building Reports […]

Feature Update: Contact Group Membership and Views Over Time

You may have noticed a couple of small, but extremely useful, updates to the emfluence Marketing Platform. If not, read below and find a couple of new tricks in looking at your data! Contact Details Now when you are viewing the Contact Details of an individual contact record, all groups which that contact is a member of will migrate to the top of the list. You will also see a new search bar allowing you to search the column for other groups which you may want to add that contact. […]

Reports with More to Love

What better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to our emfluence Marketing Platform users than to give you the gift of detail-oriented email reports! A good email campaign is only as good as the engagement it garners—whether that’s clicks, opens or form fills—and measuring that success is the primary function of the Reports feature in the Platform. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new ways to review and report on your email campaigns: Contact Field Reporting and Bounce Reporting. Contact Field Reporting Going beyond clicks and opens, Contact Field […]

Features Update: Survey Skip Logic and the End of Toggling

We’re kicking off the new year with an announcement from the Features Factory—fresh for 2017, we’ve got new tools to engage, gather data, and ward off the bots.   Updates to Survey Tools Survey Skip Logic Survey Skip Logic is designed to help you create a custom experience for each survey taker, thus allowing you to gather more actionable data about your audience’s preferences and improve one-to-one messaging with your contacts. Survey Skip Logic works by giving you the option to build in a hidden step to your surveys. Depending […]


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