What Marketers Need to Know About Collecting Personal Data

As a marketer, you want to know as much as possible about a customer or prospect so that you can develop strategies to better target them and to generate more revenue. As an individual, you want to protect your personal information from misuse or mishandling. Finding a happy place for everyone is complicated. It requires respect and diligence from marketers and trust and understanding from individuals.   This is part one of a series of posts to help promote a general understanding of the current state of Information Privacy in […]

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Part One

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Measuring is the mantra of the digital marketer—it’s the determiner of a campaign’s success or failure and an influencer in where we put our dollars. If you’re routinely reviewing your own email metrics, you’re off to a great start—and even better if you’re comparing your data year over year. But measuring your own data is just the first step. Without benchmarks to compare your numbers to, how do you know if what you’re doing is truly successful? That’s why we like […]

Features Update: Transactional Email and List Growth Reports

We rolled out several updates to our Reports section this weekend—check out what’s new below! Transactional Email Reporting For those of you using transactional emails in your emfluence Marketing Platform account, we’ve added enhanced transactional email reports that you can easily download in our Reports section. Transactional email reports can be downloaded as a separate automated report, or you can add them to your existing reports.   If you add them to an existing report, transactional emails will show on your report in their own section, just like automated messages. […]

Features Update: Email Reporting Has a New Look!

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a Monday! If you haven’t hopped on to the emfluence Marketing Platform yet today, we’ve got an exciting (and colorful) change to how email reports display. All of the important email information you need is still available in our reports, but now navigating through your sent email results is more intuitive. Let’s take a look: Sent Manual Emails As you open a sent manual email, you’ll notice that the reporting structure is pretty different. The metrics that matter most—views […]

How to Build a Customizable Email Reporting Template

If you’re using email strategy as part of your marketing efforts, then this blog post is for you. That’s because reporting on what you’re sending is a crucial step in a successful email marketing strategy. If you’re not already building email reports, you could be missing out on opportunities for the optimization of your campaigns. With that said, the first step you’ll have to take is to build a template for your email reports. These reporting templates should be based on your marketing goals—whether that be clicks, opens, forwards, etc. […]


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