New DMARC Requirements for Gmail and Yahoo!

Beginning February of 2024, Gmail and Yahoo! will require senders to pass DMARC in order to avoid negative impact to email delivery. What is DMARC? DMARC is an email authentication protocol that works on top of SPF and DKIM. For a DMARC record to pass in emfluence, you must also have the required DKIM records for that sending domain (which should have been set up during your onboarding). You can learn more about DMARC and how it works here. What do I need to do? If you send emails to […]

Mastering Email Performance Analytics

Discover the essence of effective email marketing through comprehensive reporting. In our latest video, I delve into the significance of metrics in the email marketing process. Reporting not only gauges the success of your strategies but also communicates your achievements to key stakeholders. Learn why regular scrutiny of email metrics is vital, allowing you to identify performance outliers and understand your baseline. Uncover the key to focused metric analysis by aligning your goals with specific email campaigns, ensuring a streamlined and insightful reporting process. The Importance of Reporting in Email […]

Mastering Click-to-View Rates

Unlocking the secrets of email engagement is crucial for effective marketing, and a key metric in this journey is the click-to-view rate. Ever wondered about the difference between a regular click rate and a click-to-view rate? The latter is the gem you need to evaluate the true impact of your email campaigns. In this insightful how-to video, we dive into the nuances, explain why it matters more than a simple click rate, and guide you through calculating and optimizing this essential metric using the emfluence Marketing platform. Get ready to […]

2023 Reflections: A Recap of Trends and Strategies Paving the Way for 2024

Every marketer has a to-do list. As we kick off 2024, now is a great time to review that list and make sure you are making good use of all the opportunities available to you today before moving on to the next big thing. Over the last year, the marketing experts at emfluence have been busy documenting all the essential opportunities available to users of the emfluence Marketing Platform, helping them meet their current objectives and future proof their businesses. So what was new in 2023, that you should definitely […]

How to Set Up an Abandoned Cart Workflow

Discover the ins and outs of setting up an effective abandoned cart workflow in the emfluence Marketing Platform. In this video, I will walk you through the process of creating a targeted abandoned cart campaign, leveraging the platform’s features and integrations. Learn how to seamlessly connect your data and personalize your email campaigns based on customer journey stages. Don’t miss out on optimizing your e-commerce strategy – watch now! Workflow Setup and Integrations We will create a new workflow, and it’ll be abandoned cart. Save that. For the abandoned cart […]


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