How to Integrate SMS into Your Content Calendar and Campaign Planning

What’s better than sending out SMS marketing? How about integrating SMS with your other marketing channels and amplifying your message’s impact? Using an SMS content calendar to guide your planning helps ensure your messages go out consistently and at the right time.  And if you’re using the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can map out your SMS marketing, along with email and social media, all from the same marketing calendar.   Let’s take a quick look at how to plan your SMS marketing, along with other customer engagement using a content calendar. […]

The Effect of Email Marketing on Customer Lifetime Value

Email marketing has been a key channel for reaching customers. This is a strategy that gives you the opportunity to really connect with your audience in a direct and personal way. It can also have a significant impact on your customer’s lifetime value and lead to many benefits if deployed with intention. Read on as we explore what customer lifetime value is and how email marketing plays a role.  What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is a metric that is important to a company when analyzing […]

10 Tips for ChatGPT and Marketing Content Creation

With the advent of ChatGPT, using AI to create marketing content has entered the mainstream conversation. The question is, how far can we take this? What can AI do better than humans, and what can only be done by human marketers, writers, and content creators? Used well, these tools can save time and increase productivity, and may actually be able to increase the quality, reach, and effectiveness of your marketing content. Used poorly, and you can lose touch with what makes your business and brand unique and relevant to your […]

4 Ways to Use Your CRM to Improve Customer Loyalty

Those in the marketing world are used to looking forward to the next campaign, the next sale, the next customer. We’re here to remind everyone of the importance of taking a step back and focusing on the success you’ve already managed to achieve. Your current customers are an attestation to how much you’ve grown but they’re also evidence of the potential you have to continue growing. Improving customer loyalty and building strategies for retention is a key factor in boosting sales and growing —learn how your CRM can help you […]

5 Ways You Can Use Marketing Automation to Improve Lead Generation

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation For some, marketing automation and lead generation go hand in hand while, for others, these two are completely separate ideas in their organization. For us, marketing automation is a key player in lead generation and is a solution that streamlines all the processes we have in place. Not only does aligning the two make everything more efficient, but it can also streamline the user experience for your customers and increase your sales. How Lead Generation Works Plenty of lead generation takes place on a digital […]


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