Meet Your Leads Where They Are

Generating leads in the past may have looked like cold calls or emails to customers who have never been exposed to your brand. However, these tactics are proving to be outdated in many industries especially because there isn’t much solid ground to work from.   Instead, marketers are finding that the best strategy for generating leads is to meet them where they’re at. This means creating chance encounters through online ads, carving out paths through clever content, or using social media to attract interest. When you do this, you’ll find that […]

Is SMS Here to Stay?

One thing you can guarantee about life in the digital age is that there will always be new technology released. And every time, it gets hyped, promoted, blasted out to the ends of the earth and touted as the “next big thing.” But many of these “revolutionary” new technologies fade in a couple of years — or even months.   SMS marketing isn’t exactly new, but is it here to stay well into the future? Unless it will still be growing and thriving several years from now, businesses may not want to […]

What Do Next Gen Marketing Channels Mean for Email?

It’s Not Dead…Is It? Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before: email marketing is far from dead. On the contrary, email is alive and kicking, despite the ever-increasing pressure from competitive marketing channels.  It’s been more than a decade since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg first declared that email was dead. Over that decade, Facebook has had its own lunch eaten by numerous social media startups. They’re not the new kid on the block anymore. Today, Facebook is more likely to be the social network your grandparents hang out on […]

How to Promote Your Presence on Next Gen Marketing Channels Via Email

Next generation marketing is filled with lots of shiny toys for the marketing creative to experiment with, from text messaging communications to the world of podcasts, influencer marketing, and more. There are more marketing channels than ever where marketers can connect with audiences about products, services, and company updates.   While all these methods of communication provide unique ways for engaging audience preferences, it’s the time-tested email that we’d like to highlight when it comes to showing off your cool new marketing tools.   Emails are a tried-and-true way of nurturing a […]

5 Myths of Online Sales Success

By Marie Wiese | President of Marketing CoPilot The world has changed. When B2B buyers had to move completely online, it changed the dynamic for all companies in all industries. We are not going back any time soon. The power of your website sales velocity is now the only metric a B2B company should be measuring.  When you acknowledge this strategically, you realize your Marketing Team should own a number for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) every quarter because this path to conversion aligns with how B2B buyers buy today. If […]


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