UNSPAM 2020 Recap: How to Design Accessible Email for Everyone

A few weeks ago, before our days were filled with online conference calls and setting up makeshift home offices, I had the opportunity to attend the UnSpam Conference hosted by Really Good Emails. The conference consisted of two days’ worth of fellow email geeks speaking about topics ranging from design trends, industry predictions, deliverability and more. It was a great opportunity to learn from others in the industry and come away with fresh ideas and new inspiration for all things email. One presentation in particular that really stuck with me […]

Unspam 2020 Conference Recap: 4 Email Design Trends to Keep on your Radar in 2020

Well… Unspam 2020, you sure didn’t disappoint! A full two days of all things email marketing, in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina. What could be better!? While I would LOVE to go in depth on everything that I learned while at the conference, unfortunately that’s not what I am going to do. Instead, I am going to focus on my favorite session, that was led by Cristina Gomez (@ohcristina) of Tattly. Her session was all about the top email design trends she sees in 2020. However, let me […]

How to Create a Contact and Lead Scoring Methodology That Can Transform Your Business

There are a lot of factors working against today’s marketer. Audiences are saturated with messaging day-in and day-out. Consumers are increasingly aware and skeptical of advertisements and the data acquisition practices behind their targeting. Marketing technology solutions are constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. On top of that, marketing professionals are being expected to take on more responsibilities at the company level as well. They’re being charged with building the brand, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, developing channel strategies, engaging with the community, driving digital transformation, and […]

How to Build a Trade Show Lead Nurture

Want to make the most of your trade show leads? Start by building a trade show lead nurture program with your CRM and marketing automation platform.   The idea of creating a lead nurture campaign is pretty easy to get behind. A lead comes in, a scheduled series of follow up touchpoints are triggered, conversion rates improve and all things are right and good in the world of sales and marketing.   As you plan out your event communications strategy, here are some high-level steps to get you up and […]

Tip of the Month: CSS techniques to optimize for mobile email

Many marketers are guilty of only previewing their email on desktop inboxes before sending, assuming the mobile version will be functional enough to pass. If your emails have significant mobile open rates, here are 5 ways you can quickly optimize them with CSS for a better mobile experience: 1. Stack multi-column layouts into a single column Phone screens don’t have much horizontal real-estate, and most multi-column layouts will struggle to fit. You can stack these columns, and allow the user to scroll through the content naturally. CSS /**This will turn […]


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