Variable Content

Take personalization to the next level with variable content in the emfluence Marketing Platform. Learn how to create image or content blocks for unique emails:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create variable content blocks How to assign variable content to recipients How to embed variable content in emails

Cross Sell Campaigns

Create campaigns in your marketing automation platform that dynamically suggest new products or services based on a buyer’s previous purchase. Learn how to build a cross sell campaign in this video: In this video you’ll learn: How to create dynamic content blocks How to create custom fields and content variables How to build dynamic content in the emfluence Email Builder

What’s New: Dynamic Dates on Landing Pages, Online Certification

This month’s updates are all about personalizing landing pages with more dynamic content. Let’s cover what you asked for and how we delivered in June 2020: Image Control on Landing Pages LA asks:┬áIt would be great to have more control over the images in our landing pages, especially for iframed content. Can do! The Drag and Drop landing page builder now offers more options for linking images and buttons: Default replaces the current tab with target link New Tab opens a new browser tab If you are using an iframe, […]

Winback Campaigns

You win some, you lose some. Learn how to create automated email campaigns that help win them back using the emfluence Marketing Platform:   In this video, you’ll learn: CRM triggers that can feed automated winback campaigns How and when to create automated campaigns for leads or clients you’ve lost What sorts of messages to include in a winback campaign

Whitepaper Download Nurture Campaigns

You’re promoting a ton of great whitepaper content, but are you effectively nurturing people who download your content? Learn how to automate campaigns that drive downloads to sales appointments:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to trigger a nurture campaign What sorts of content to offer along the series How to support a nurture into a new sales opportunity


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