What’s New: SMS Updates, Reporting Features, API Token Management and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include SMS in campaigns, the ability to download the Contact Activities Report, control over API access tokens, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: SMS in Campaigns DC Asks: Can you add SMS to campaigns? SMS messages can now be added to campaigns. Like emails, the SMS can be added to a campaign on the individual message or in bulk in the Campaigns section. Contact Activities Report Download MS Asks: Can you add a download option to the Contact […]

What’s New: SMS Activities in Dynamics, Reporting, User Updates and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include additions to emfluence’s Microsoft Dynamics integration, email views and clicks added to the Recipients Report, updates to how users get deleted, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: SMS Activities RD Asks: Can you make it easier to find and report on SMS activities? We’ve made SMS activities available via our API and included them as part of emfluence’s Dynamics integration. SMS activities are also now a part of the Contact Activities Report as well. Views and […]

How to Use the Information You Have in Your CRM to Inform Dynamic Content

By Marie Wiese | President of Marketing CoPilot How Can I Navigate Out of the Unknown? As marketers and business people, we want to believe that we know and can identify everyone in our target market. But the reality is that we quite frankly, cannot.  Think of your target market as a continuum that spans from unknown, to slightly known, to well known, and then qualified. The question we ask ourselves when looking at this image is: “How can we turn those unknown people in our target market into sales-qualified […]

Personalization at Scale: More Than “[FNAME]”

By Ryan Phelan | Managing Director at RPE Origin Everywhere I go, I run into someone talking about personalization as if it were some new discovery or the next big trend. We have been talking about the need to personalize for 20 years. Why do people think it’s new?  True personalization is complex. The challenge I see is that we have oversimplified the gateway to success for email marketers. Why should we care? That part is easy.   We need to care because the rest of the digital marketing world is […]

What’s in a (from) name – who should your email marketing be “from”?

Who Should Your Email Marketing Campaigns Be “From”? Commonly called a ‘From Name’ it’s the name that is displayed in an inbox above or to the left of the subject line. It tells the recipient who sent the message or who it’s ‘from.’ Studies have shown that it is as important or even more important than a subject line. If the recipient doesn’t know who the email is from, it will go directly into the trash. One of the most asked and most discussed questions in email marketing, it’s phrased […]


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