What’s New: Google Analytics 4, International Characters, and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include Google Analytics 4 tracking, international characters on landing pages, simplified social media permissions, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: GA4 Tracking SP Asks: When will you add Google Analytics 4 to your tracking? The new GA4 property ID has been added to Google Analytics Tracking within emfluence. You will find it at the bottom of list. International Characters on Landing Pages VY Asks: Can you add support for international characters on landing pages? International characters such as […]

Marketing Automation: Is Your Strategy Fit for Purpose in 2023?

While the marketing experts at emfluence fully endorse those often repeated marketing mantras, who can forget the classic “email marketing is not dead“? That doesn’t mean we are not ready to embrace change. That change is increasingly facilitated by making the switch from standalone and often loosely integrated marketing software to more robust and powerful marketing automation technology. The question is: Are you ready for change?  Why Marketers Need to Invest in Change As marketers, we all need to fully embrace change because, in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape […]

CRM Marketing: Meet The People Behind Your Data

How well do you know your clients? Sure, you might have created those detailed customer personas to build your marketing campaigns around. You’ve probably then gone to great lengths to imagine how your organization can help these imaginary customers overcome their most pressing pain points. But how well do you know the real people behind the data that pours into your various MarTech systems every day?   Too many marketers still view marketing success in terms of lead volume or subscriber numbers rather than by the quality of the relationships they […]

The Year in Review: SMS Short Messages that Deliver Big Results

An essential part of our job at emfluence is to have our fingers on the pulse of the latest online marketing trends and strategies. But this doesn’t mean we constantly throw the baby out with the bath water whenever something new comes along.   As a business fully invested in technologies like email marketing and marketing automation, we know that some of the most engaging and profitable marketing strategies deployed by and on behalf of our clients have been around for quite some time.  SMS (or text messaging) is another long-standing […]

What’s New: Unsubscribe Reasons, SMS Report Downloads, and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include unsubscribe reasons and a Reason for Unsubscribing Report, downloadable SMS recipient lists, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: Reason for Unsubscribing SM Asks: Can we collect a reason for why a contact unsubscribes? We have added a Preference Page within the Options menu which will allow you to create a list of unsubscribe reasons offered to contacts who decide to opt out of your emails. We’ve provided a default set of reasons, but you can edit, […]


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