Getting Started with Sales Nurturing and the emfluence Marketing Platform

You’ve just launched your inbound campaign and high-quality leads are beginning to flow into your CRM system. Your work here is done, right? Of course not! This is only the beginning. Once your inbound campaigns are launched, you have to make sure your new leads remain high-quality by developing them into sales-ready opportunities.   This is where the art of sales nurturing comes into play—depending on your line of business, the sales cycle can last months or years. It’s not always easy to nurture these leads in an efficient, timely […]

Archive Groups & Protected Groups

Archive Your Old Groups You can always delete Groups you don’t need (and still keep the contacts in those Groups as needed), but we had a number of clients request that they simply be “archived” so that they’ll always have a record of the Group without having to see it in a big long list of Groups in their account. We listened: you can now archive Groups! As long as they’re not Protected (see below). New: Protected Groups Cannot Be Archived Protected Groups are those that are System Groups (like […]


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