Buyer Intent Triggered Email Campaigns

Are you working a strong funnel of marketing qualified leads? Using buyer intent signals in the emfluence Marketing Platform and your CRM system, you can create automated outreach emails designed to determine which of those marketing qualified leads might be ready for a sales conversation–all without your sales team lifting a finger. In this video, you’ll see what signals to use and how to automate the outreach while still maintaining a personal touch: In this video, you’ll learn: What buyer intent signals to include in your automation query What data […]

Take Your Email from Skateboard to Hoverboard

The final installment of our three-part series with Email on Acid on the Future of Email concluded with emfluence’s Natalie Jackson and Cory LaGrange chatting with Email on Acid’s Amanda Bacher about ways in which email marketers can take their automation to the next level of awesome. Covering systems and processes, data integrations, variables, CDPs, and more, be sure to catch the full video here: Email Marketing Automation Evolution One of our favorite parts of this event was working with Email on Acid to build a guide to Email Marketing […]

What’s New: Pausing or Canceling a Manual Email and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include pausing or canceling manual emails, searching by Domain in Query Builder, easily embedding video on a Landing Page, and Pending Recipients lists for manual emails. See what our community has asked for and what we built in February 2021: Pause or Cancel a Manual Email in Progress AS Asks: Can you provide the option to pause an email in progress? You now have the ability to either Pause or Cancel a manual email in progress. Pausing will allow you to temporarily stop sending to […]

How to Stop Email Disasters Before They Strike

Ever wish you had a time traveling DeLorean to go back and fix costly email errors? Everyone makes mistakes, but smart email teams know how to stop them from ever happening. In part two of our webinar series with our friends at Email On Acid, emfluence CEO David Cacioppo and Email On Acid’s Geoff Traub joined emfluence’s Cory LaGrange for a discussion on all the things that can go wrong with email, and how to prevent email disasters before they strike.  Disasters can strike at every point in the email […]

Mistakes (in Email) Happen! The Important Oops Email

Ever wished there was an Un-Send button?  Don’t worry, so has just about every other email marketer in the world. Whether it’s a mistyped date, a broken $$firstName variable, or you sent next month’s email a few weeks too early, mistakes in email happen. In emfluence alumna Sara Theurer’s original post, written back in 2014, the Oops email was just coming into its own. At the time, the idea that you could resend an email with corrections was a new idea—and the engagement rates were impressive. It wasn’t uncommon for the […]


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