SMS Analytics Metrics for Data-Driven Decisions

SMS text messaging has been around for more than 30 years. It was a native application on mobile phones long before anyone had heard of the smartphone. Despite the transition to more sophisticated messaging systems like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, SMS remains an essential feature on our mobile devices.  There are many reasons why SMS is still such a popular technology. The simple nature of text messaging means that SMS messages can be sent and received on any device, including feature phones (sometimes, somewhat unfairly, referred to as dumb phones), […]

How AI Can Change the Way You Send SMS and MMS Messages

Text messaging is a popular means of communication and over the years it has become an effective way for brands to reach their audiences. Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) have become essential to businesses of all kinds. However, with the arrival of artificial intelligence, these traditional methods of communication are being enhanced, transforming into an innovative and efficient way to engage customers and drive sales.   What are SMS and MMS? Before diving into the ways AI can push us towards higher goals, let’s define SMS and […]

Text Message Marketing for Health Insurance

Text message marketing or SMS marketing has gained a lot of ground in the past few years and is now a common way to communicate promotional or informational messages to your audience base. This is a strategy that’s grown in popularity due to its ability to foster better relationships and enhance engagement.   For health insurance companies, incorporating text message marketing into your strategy can transform the way you interact with patients and streamline operations. We’ll be exploring this useful tool and its applications to a traditional industry that’s evolving with […]

What is SMS Marketing? What You Need to Know and Do

You’ve heard about it. You’ve probably received some of it from other businesses. But what is SMS marketing, exactly, and how can you use it to serve your existing customers, gain new potential customers, and boost revenue? Is it something you add to your marketing mix or a replacement for an outdated program?  As you’re about to see, SMS marketing (or text message marketing) uses a unique channel to reach and engage with customers.   SMS marketing has several advantages over other forms of marketing communication and customer service. For one, […]

How to Integrate SMS into Your Content Calendar and Campaign Planning

What’s better than sending out SMS marketing? How about integrating SMS with your other marketing channels and amplifying your message’s impact? Using an SMS content calendar to guide your planning helps ensure your messages go out consistently and at the right time.  And if you’re using the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can map out your SMS marketing, along with email and social media, all from the same marketing calendar.   Let’s take a quick look at how to plan your SMS marketing, along with other customer engagement using a content calendar. […]


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