9 Ways Banks Can Use SMS to Engage Their Customers

In such a competitive market, banks aren’t immune to the challenges of earning and keeping loyal customers. Loyalty needs to be earned and re-earned. Customers want to know that they matter, their money matters, their accounts matter, and their livelihoods matter. They want to know they aren’t just an account number, but a person.   And SMS is by its very nature a more personal way to communicate than email or direct mail. By using it, you’re staying engaged with each customer and demonstrating through action that they matter to you.  […]

10 Ways to Get More SMS Opt-Ins

An SMS subscriber list holds massive potential as a robust source of revenue and engagement from existing customers and followers. Are you growing it as much as you should be? Attracting more SMS opt-ins will deepen your relationships, increase loyalty, improve your service, and ultimately lead to higher revenue. After all, SMS is known for having a near perfect open rate with up to 98 percent of texts being read.   But before we look at how to get more SMS opt-ins, we need to clarify a couple of legal issues.  […]

The Year in Review: SMS Short Messages that Deliver Big Results

An essential part of our job at emfluence is to have our fingers on the pulse of the latest online marketing trends and strategies. But this doesn’t mean we constantly throw the baby out with the bath water whenever something new comes along.   As a business fully invested in technologies like email marketing and marketing automation, we know that some of the most engaging and profitable marketing strategies deployed by and on behalf of our clients have been around for quite some time.  SMS (or text messaging) is another long-standing […]

How to Enhance Customer Service Using SMS

Great customer service is never easy. Establishing a consistent experience takes time, well-trained and motivated employees, and a functioning support system. But as you’re about to discover, you can greatly improve your customer service using SMS, and with much less effort. SMS customer service doesn’t take much time or employee training, and the support system already exists on platforms like emfluence.  What makes great customer service?  Entire books have been written about this, but we could break it down into three categories: communication, experience, and meeting expectations. The ten SMS […]

Is SMS Here to Stay?

One thing you can guarantee about life in the digital age is that there will always be new technology released. And every time, it gets hyped, promoted, blasted out to the ends of the earth and touted as the “next big thing.” But many of these “revolutionary” new technologies fade in a couple of years — or even months.   SMS marketing isn’t exactly new, but is it here to stay well into the future? Unless it will still be growing and thriving several years from now, businesses may not want to […]


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