How to Integrate SMS into Your Content Calendar and Campaign Planning

What’s better than sending out SMS marketing? How about integrating SMS with your other marketing channels and amplifying your message’s impact? Using an SMS content calendar to guide your planning helps ensure your messages go out consistently and at the right time.  And if you’re using the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can map out your SMS marketing, along with email and social media, all from the same marketing calendar.   Let’s take a quick look at how to plan your SMS marketing, along with other customer engagement using a content calendar. […]

How to Write an Opening SMS Line That Actually Works

Sending the right SMS marketing text comes with a lot of pressure — and that pressure starts with the opening line.   Not only must it catch a subscriber’s attention and keep them engaged, it must do so in an incredibly tiny amount of space in a world where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever. Seriously. Take a look at your phone’s message inbox. There’s not much space there for, well, anything.  Moreover, there might not be a more sacred ground than a person’s text message inbox. Your marketing copy […]

3 Profitable Uses for SMS in B2B Sales and Marketing

B2B sales is built on touchpoints. The more touches you can make with each prospect over the sales cycle and beyond, the greater the likelihood that the prospect will turn into a loyal customer with a high lifetime customer value. SMS offers the potential to ramp up your B2B sales touchpoints with each prospect, at a much lower cost than most other forms of marketing.  SMS is probably the most interactive, personal and immediate form of marketing communication. It can’t replace email, social media or other channels, but it can […]

9 Ways Banks Can Use SMS to Engage Their Customers

In such a competitive market, banks aren’t immune to the challenges of earning and keeping loyal customers. Loyalty needs to be earned and re-earned. Customers want to know that they matter, their money matters, their accounts matter, and their livelihoods matter. They want to know they aren’t just an account number, but a person.   And SMS is by its very nature a more personal way to communicate than email or direct mail. By using it, you’re staying engaged with each customer and demonstrating through action that they matter to you.  […]

10 Ways to Get More SMS Opt-Ins

An SMS subscriber list holds massive potential as a robust source of revenue and engagement from existing customers and followers. Are you growing it as much as you should be? Attracting more SMS opt-ins will deepen your relationships, increase loyalty, improve your service, and ultimately lead to higher revenue. After all, SMS is known for having a near perfect open rate with up to 98 percent of texts being read.   But before we look at how to get more SMS opt-ins, we need to clarify a couple of legal issues.  […]


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