Marketing Automation Platform Migration Made Easy

To some, migrating all your data from your current marketing automation platform to a new one can be intimidating if not a full-on nightmare. That’s valuable information that your company has spent budget and time to collect and organize over the years, not to mention any content or workflows that your creative teams have put together.   When migrating goes wrong, this can lead to confusion and chaos which is why many are cautious when it comes to trying a new platform. However, with the right prep and partner, migration can […]

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

While marketing automation software has the potential to change your life, it’s important to remember that the technology is not the “mythical magic marketing button” that so many marketers have been looking for all these years.   Implementing a successful marketing automation strategy requires a lot of preparation and planning. You’ve got to put in the hard work before the software starts automating your marketing process. But when it gets going, the real magic begins to happen.  The first step of any marketing automation strategy starts with an objective. What do […]

Examples (and Results) of Dynamic Content Testing in Email

The best part about working in marketing is that we’re often trailblazers in our industry, with opportunities to test out strategies and discover new ways to connect with audiences. Our work each day centers around data-driven creativity.   We spent the earlier part of this year focusing on personalization, sharing and learning about the importance of tailored copy in marketing efforts. We took what we said to heart and did some of our own testing to gain insights on the impact of customizing our marketing messages. By playing with dynamic content, […]

Personalization: The Buzzword for Savvy B2B Marketers in 2022

By now, it should come as no surprise that the use of personalization significantly improves campaign performance. However, while 95% of B2B marketers agree with that statement, only 62% of the marketers surveyed in our State of Email Marketing B2B Perspective report plan on including greater personalization efforts in their 2022 strategies. If marketers understand the importance of personalization, why aren’t we seeing more of it?  The truth is, there are many reasons why there hasn’t been a larger adoption of personalization strategies in the B2B space—a lack of confidence, […]

Five Ways to Get Started with Dynamic Content in Your Marketing Automation Platform

When the success of your marketing automation campaigns relies on sending the right message to the right person at the right time, dynamic content increasingly becomes a “must-have” strategy.  Dynamic content creates tailored experiences for your audience by delivering highly targeted content based on their previous engagements across a variety of marketing channels, including your websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns.  Dynamic Content: Time to Invest in a Bit of Magic When compared to your “old school” static email marketing newsletters and landing pages, dynamic content might appear as […]


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