7 Ways Data Can Increase ROI of Marketing Automation

Data is the digital marketing equivalent of DNA. Every time a customer or prospect engages with your brand, they leave behind traces of information that marketers can analyze and exploit to inform their ongoing campaign strategies. And just like a detective at a crime scene, the more evidence (data) you collect, the more you can do with it. But data can also be a complicated beast. With so many data points, it can be challenging to make decisions based on the mass of information you are presented with on a […]

Choosing the Right Form Builder: Factors to Consider

Online forms show up everywhere you browse and have become an essential tool for collecting valuable customer data. You’ve likely filled out hundreds if not thousands in your life whether that’s signing up for updates, opting in for a newsletter, entering giveaways, registering for events, and more. From the user experience side, it is very intuitive and second nature. But what about from the side of the marketer who has to create the form? Choosing the right online form builder for your company can make a large impact on how […]

5 Ways You Can Use Marketing Automation to Improve Lead Generation

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation For some, marketing automation and lead generation go hand in hand while, for others, these two are completely separate ideas in their organization. For us, marketing automation is a key player in lead generation and is a solution that streamlines all the processes we have in place. Not only does aligning the two make everything more efficient, but it can also streamline the user experience for your customers and increase your sales. How Lead Generation Works Plenty of lead generation takes place on a digital […]

Marketing Automation: Is Your Strategy Fit for Purpose in 2023?

While the marketing experts at emfluence fully endorse those often repeated marketing mantras, who can forget the classic “email marketing is not dead“? That doesn’t mean we are not ready to embrace change. That change is increasingly facilitated by making the switch from standalone and often loosely integrated marketing software to more robust and powerful marketing automation technology. The question is: Are you ready for change?  Why Marketers Need to Invest in Change As marketers, we all need to fully embrace change because, in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape […]

How to Use Lead Scoring in Email Workflows

Timing is everything in our world, especially since it is leaning more and more towards personalized experiences. If you run any sort of email campaign, it’s a good idea to take steps to align it with your lead or contact scoring workflow. A proper lead scoring model can get you far in marketing to prospects and customers. It helps you target those who are actually interested at the right time in their sales journey and lets you know which leads should be left to nurture further. Continue reading to learn […]


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