If you’re like most marketers in the insurance industry, you have a suite of options for policy holders to choose from. From gaining new policy holders to getting existing policy holders to purchasing new policies, helping your holders stay informed, or providing important information about policies in general, the emfluence Marketing Platform has all the digital marketing tools you need.


Insurance Email Marketing Guide

Insurance Email Marketing Examples

The emfluence Marketing Platform helps you easily create campaigns for prospective and existing policy holders that keep them informed and engaged no matter where they are in the customer journey. Check out a few of our favorite insurance email marketing campaigns:  

Automate Policy Renewal Reminders

Create automated emails based on calculated date fields, set reminders and trigger a policy renewal email series from your CRM: 

Win Back Former Policy Holders  

Create automated email campaigns designed to win back policy holders you’ve lost or leads you never converted:

Dynamically Suggest New Products and Services 

Use dynamic content, custom fields and content variables to cross-sell your products and services, depending on what your policy holders already have:

Insurance Marketing Automation Use Cases

Automated Onboarding Series 

Use the drag-and-drop workflow builder to create an automated onboarding email series with helpful information and resources for new clients.  

Insurance email marketing platform screen shot of the nurture series workflow builder

Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Create a customer satisfaction survey accompanied by an automated email that can be sent to clients after their claim has been resolved to gather feedback on their experience.    

Insurance marketing automation platform screen shot of the survey builder

Automate Personalized Birthday Emails 

Use the emfluence Query Builder to automate personalized birthday emails. Not only will it make alumni feel good to be remembered, but it adds another engagement opportunity that helps build trust into your alumni relations campaigns. 

higher education marketing automation platform screen shot of the query builder
Insurance customer satisfaction survey email example

Automat Policy Reminders

Use the emfluence Query Builder to automate reminders with a date calculation based on each client’s policy date. 

Insurance email marketing platform screen shot of the query builder

Insurance Email Templates

Build email templates to use as often as you like. You can create dozens of options for everyone to use, or make unique templates for individuals. 

Insurance email template headline example

Email templates are built in the emfluence Marketing Platform using HTML or our drag-and-drop template builder. 

Higher education email template.

Customize and preset options for your email templates to control email defaults, recipient groups, which users have access, and more. 

Insurance email marketing example

Insurance Email Resources

Onboarding Email Series 

How to Build a Newsletter Opt-In Welcome Series 

A Few of Our Insurance Clients

Insurance Email Marketing Benchmarks

If you’re routinely reviewing your own email metrics, you’re off to a great start—and even better if you’re comparing your data year over year. But measuring your own data is just the first step. Without benchmarks to compare your numbers to, how do you know if what you’re doing is truly successful? 

That’s why we like to take a twice-yearly look into email marketing metrics compiled by our emfluence Marketing Platform users. Compiling masses of data on who is sending what and how it’s performing provides a point of reference for your campaigns so that you can evaluate how your email marketing metrics compare to others in: 

Each of these reports compiles the unique open rate (unique views divided by total recipients), click rate (total clicks divided by total recipients), click-to-open rates (unique clicks divided by unique views), bounce rates (percentage of hard or soft bounces from total recipients), unsubscribe rate (number of people who unsubscribed out of total recipients), and complaint rate (total number of spam complaints in total recipients). 

Insurance Marketing Automation Software

Making the most of your full range of policy options means having a software tool that can help you automate lead nurtures, cross-promotion, and ongoing education of how you compare to the competition. The emfluence Marketing Platform makes growing your insurance business easy and targeted. 

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