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We’re proud of our ability to offer integrations with CRM solutions like RapidStart CRM. RapidStart CRM is the first Simple CRM built on the Microsoft Power Platform that isn’t Dynamics. This is the #1 Ranked Solution in AppSource out of 705 Microsoft Power Apps and a Certified “Preferred Solution” by Microsoft.

Our standard integration with RapidStart CRM is available to emfluence clients upon request and includes:

  • Two-way data synchronization of Contacts and Leads
  • Two-way management of emfluence Groups
  • Campaign reporting
  • Full emfluence Marketing Platform interface embedded in CRM
  • emfluence campaign activity recorded in RapidStart

How We Integrate with RapidStart CRM

Make the most out of marketing automation with your CRM database. Our platform offers secure methods for synchronizing data in a quick and easy way.

Create a two-way sync that keeps both platforms up to speed with relevant data or designate the emfluence Marketing Platform or RapidStart CRM as your source of truth. Our platform supports up to 250 custom fields which gives you plenty of room to grow and little room to worry about the space needed for it.

Contacts & Leads

Customize your sync options based on however many or however few contacts and leads you choose to work with.

Select activities and actions your contacts and leads have taken to sync from emfluence’s Marketing Platform. Let your sales team know what’s been happening by sharing everything from an email click to a survey completion.

With emfluence, you get marketing insight on exactly where your contacts and leads are at in your sales funnel by leveraging real-time data on which webpages they’ve visited, what content they’ve engaged with, and which landing pages they’ve converted on.

Once you’ve done the work and gathered the details, share your powerful marketing data with your team by embedding the Contact Detail record directly into RapidStart CRM.

Pricing Comparison

We offer month-to-month pricing that is dependent on the number of active contacts you store in our system (bounces and suppressions excluded). Plans start at $700/month. Unlike other marketing automation platforms, there is no additional cost for the number of users, number of emails sent, or which features you use. We also offer a dedicated resource for onboarding, one-on-one live training for your team, custom-designed email templates, support from both our platform and agency teams if requested, and several integrations options.
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So Intuitive, You’ll Swear It Was Built Just for You

emfluence is top ranked among several features against other Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Platforms out there. We’re the leading marketing platform in:

  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality Support
  • Features & Functionality
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Quality Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Integrations API

Our platform allows you to focus on strategy while feeling supported. Our responsive support team is five times faster with replies than the industry average. We have also been known to build new functionality and features in the platform based on your needs – contact us to learn more.

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