The emfluence Marketing Platform offers features for B2B marketers, B2C marketers, ecommerce gurus, membership and association specialists and many, many more. We have clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, but there are a few industries where our marketing automation platform really shines bright. See which industries love the emfluence Marketing Platform best of all:

Marketing Automation for B2B

B2B marketing automation platform

B2B email marketers need special features and reports to make the most of both direct and account-based marketing efforts. The emfluence Marketing Platform offers features designed to help B2B marketers create automated emails, targeted landing pages, follow up materials, and reports that are made with B2B campaigns in mind.

Marketing Automation for Banking and Financial Services

marketing automation for banking

Looking for a marketing automation platform for banking and financial services marketing? The emfluence Marketing Platform offers a suite of features and integration options designed with banks, credit unions, and financial services companies in mind.

Marketing Automation for Healthcare

marketing automation for healthcare

The emfluence Marketing Platform is a great fit for healthcare providers, healthcare IT companies or anyone looking for a marketing automation platform that meets HIPAA standards. Our marketing automation platform is a great fit for marketers in the healthcare space.

Marketing Automation for Higher Education

From prospective students to nurturing your alumni base, the emfluence Marketing Platform has supported higher education marketing campaigns at every step in the student journey. See how our automated campaigns, landing pages, surveys, and social media calendar support marketing automation for higher education.

Marketing Automation for Insurance

marketing automation for insurance

Communicate with your policy holders and prospects with ease using the emfluence Marketing Platform. Insurance marketers have leveraged us for emails, renewals, policy updates and more. Find out how you can take advantage of marketing automation for insurance companies.

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