Date Updated January 2021

Congratulations, email marketers! After a year in which we navigated “unprecedented times” and sent each other a gazillion emails that hoped to find us well, we have officially made it to 2021. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first email, and even though 2020 didn’t go the way most of us planned, we are happy to see email finally get the love it deserves. As Women of Email Co-founder Jen Capstraw put it in our recent webinar with Email on Acid, 2020 was the year email made headlines— good and bad.

“2020 was the year that email marketing made national headlines (and memes) in the worst possible way. As our world was thrust into chaos in March 2020, panicked executives rushed to distribute email announcements detailing their coronavirus response.

Email was exactly the right channel for these communications. The problem was the lack of adherence to email marketing’s golden rule: Be certain it’s relevant. And they quickly learned that not every patron and prospect in their database cared about their virus mitigation efforts.

Despite this early pandemic stumble, brands took their licks, learned their lesson, and continued to lean into the reliable email channel to support their various business pivots for the balance of 2020 and beyond.”

-Jen Capstraw, Co-founder, Women of Email

One of the unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is that email marketing suddenly became the “it” channel for marketers. With shutdowns, work-from-home statuses, and a boom in ecommerce buying, email proved itself a reliable way to stay in touch, and brands took notice. The emfluence Marketing Platform saw a 177% increase in send volume last year—and we weren’t alone. Platforms across the globe reported triple-digit increases in email send volume. The impact on engagement is clear in this year’s emfluence Marketing Platform Email Marketing Benchmarks Report. As we dig into the year that COVID changed email forever, our Report will cover:

and more! 

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