Your needs are different from a client’s needs. You’re managing a book of business and a lot of client strategies. The emfluence Marketing Platform has a long history of working with agencies like yours. That’s why we’ve crafted our agency partner program and our agency reseller accounts to do the things you need them to do: blow your clients away with awesome campaign results.

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More time for strategy, less time on how’s this thing supposed to work

We’ve developed the emfluence Marketing Platform around the understanding that it’s so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you. We take our platform users requests to heart, and that has allowed us to create a marketing automation platform that is super easy to use. You should be focused on strategy, not learning how the thing works!

A+ Support (from people who understand what you’re trying to accomplish)

Our support team is one of the things people love most about the emfluence Marketing Platform. With an impressive approval rating of 92%. We’re proud to say when you need us, we’ll be here. Our support team is even pretty good at answering marketing questions that stray outside the limits of the emfluence Marketing Platform.

Special features designed for agencies like yours

Our agency partner accounts aren’t exactly like your clients’ accounts—we’ve added in a few special features that make managing multiple client accounts a whole lot easier.

Easily supports integrated marketing campaigns

Looking to add in email, social, and landing pages to your more traditional campaigns? The emfluence Marketing Platform makes it easy to create automated triggers, like sending contacts to a direct mail campaign or launching a retargeting campaign, based on any number of conditions you get to define.

Happy clients, happy profit margins

Did you know the average emfluence Marketing Platform user sees a return on their investment in just six months? That’s three months shorter than with most marketing automation platforms, and it’s one of the reasons our agency partner love working with us.

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What’s in it for You?

Sell More Email

Did you know that email marketing averages a 122% ROI on total spend? That’s more than four times higher than other marketing channels. Adding email marketing through a marketing automation platform is one of the easiest—and highest ROI generating—channels you can add to your client campaigns. Create a repeatable package for your target industries, integrate an email touchpoint to your direct mail campaigns, or learn how continuously engage on behalf of your clients.

Market Your Agency

Our agency partner program includes access to the emfluence Marketing Platform for your agency as well. Learn how to incorporate email marketing into your new client outreach, or use our personalization tools to create custom experiences for each vertical you serve. Add in a little scheduled social media, a few landing pages for lead generation, and a survey to follow up on post-campaign satisfaction, and watch your growth take off.

Prove Your ROI

The emfluence Marketing Platform offers cold, hard ROI numbers that are easy to provide to your clients. Unlike more traditional media forms, the emfluence Marketing Platform lets you know how many people visited, what they looked at, how many converted, and how long they’ve been in the lifecycle. Plus, take advantage of Contact Scoring to keep track of which prospects need more nurturing and which are ready for the sales team.

Get Guidance on the Latest

The emfluence Marketing Platform team provides hands-on training and account set up from the start, with ongoing opportunities for you to join us for Certification classes, Advanced Certification classes, and our annual And Then Some Conference—all designed to help you get the most out of the emfluence Marketing Platform.

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