The emfluence Marketing Platform is easy for Salesforce clients to use and for Salesforce Consultants to do business with. Featuring an easy-to-use integration to Salesforce and top-ranked support from a team of digital marketers, the emfluence Marketing Platform is an easy complement to the marketing automation platforms you’re already recommending to your Salesforce clients.

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The emfluence Marketing Platform offers two basic program types for Salesforce Consultants:

Referring Consultant

The Referring Consultant program is ideal for Salesforce Consultants who want to want to help their Salesforce clients make a wise marketing automation software decision without having to commit to ongoing management of marketing automation software.

With this program, a Referring Consultant registers a lead with the emfluence Marketing Platform team, then emfluence will work with you (the Salesforce Consultant) to qualify the lead and continue through the sales process. Once the Referring Consultant’s client is onboarded with the emfluence Marketing Platform, all emfluence Marketing Platform support (from setup to ongoing requests) will be provided by emfluence.

Upon completion of the sale, a Referring Consultant will be paid a percentage of the setup fees.

Reselling Consultant

The Reselling Consultant program is ideal for Salesforce Consultants who are ready to fully support marketing automation software alongside Salesforce requests.

With this program, a Reselling Consultant registers a lead with the emfluence Marketing platform team, then emfluence works with the Salesforce Consultant to qualify the lead, connect with the lead, and continue through the sales process. Upon completion of the sale and through the life of service, the Reselling Consultant will manage any questions or support requests the Salesforce client may have about the emfluence Marketing Platform (emfluence will handle setup and will be available for escalated support issues, if needed).

The Reselling Consultant will be billed for services by emfluence at a discounted rate on both setup fees and monthly usage fees, and the Consultant will invoice the client at the fee levels they decide.

If the above models do not meet the requirements of your Salesforce Consultancy, custom programs are available.

emfluence provides the following sales and marketing support to Salesforce Consultants:

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“I know that when I call emfluence, I get to talk to a person. And it’s always been a person who knows the answer I need and is eager to help me. Thanks for being very approachable.”

-emfluence Marketing Platform user review

What Makes Us Different from Other Marketing Automation Platforms.

When compared to other marketing automation platforms that integrate with Salesforce, the emfluence Marketing Platform stands out from the pack in a few key areas:

Quick to Learn. The average emfluence Marketing Platform user sees a return on investment in just six months, versus the 10-month industry average.
Support from Marketers, not IT Techs. Ask us a marketing question, get a marketing answer. We’re here to help strategize and support.
Super-Responsive Support. Our average first reply for a support request is 5 times faster than the industry average of 14.8 hours.
Agency Services, When You Need Them. Have a client in need of strategy or email marketing services? Our digital marketing agency is available to support your Microsoft Dynamics users in everything from email marketing services to SEO, website design and development, paid search, content strategy, and more.
Build What You Want. We can and will build new functionality and features in the emfluence Marketing Platform based on need and budget. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

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