Unlock Landing Page Success: No Design or Tech Skills Required

Never underestimate the power of a good landing page strategy. A good landing page can help you convert more visitors into subscribers, drive traffic to detailed pieces of thought leadership content (eBooks, videos, podcasts, etc.), test new product ideas, or even build an entire business.  The ability to build and deploy a great-looking landing page quickly and efficiently will give your marketing organization a competitive edge over slower-moving rivals. So, when a marketer is given the chance to launch a landing page strategy without the support of a web developer […]

Online Marketing: Move Fast and Test Things

Mark Zuckerberg’s famous five-word mantra, “Move fast and break stuff,” inspired a generation of technology entrepreneurs who sought to emulate his success and get rich fast. For some (think Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix), this business philosophy worked well and left countless legacy competitors lying in the dust. But for others (think Theranos), breaking stuff meant breaking the law, which never ends well.  Moving fast and breaking stuff may work well for organizations with unlimited resources to devote to projects that may or may not yield a return. But for the […]

Modal Content: Keys to Using It Effectively

By Ken Magill for emfluence “I love it when something pops up in my face on a website and won’t let me continue what I was doing until I deal with it,” said no one ever. That no one likes being interrupted should be a top consideration when deciding how to employ modals, or pop-ups that disable the content on a website and require some action before the site visitor can get on with whatever he or she was doing. However, deployed thoughtfully, modals can yield great benefits to both […]

Improve Conversions with Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are a make-or-break part of the conversion path for campaigns. And yet, landing pages are typically given far less attention than the steps at the leading and trailing end of campaigns. When implemented well, landing pages can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. Even small tweaks to things like the placement of call-to-action buttons can drive meaningful results. And, as with all things on the conversion path, the more relevant and engaging the content on the page, the better the results. A wide variety of sources can […]

How to Use Variable Content to Create a Custom Post-Sale Experience

Want to show prospective customers how much they mean to you after a sales appointment? Using the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can create customized, personal quote pages that recap your conversation, record important notes, and share relevant details to help close the sale: In this video, you’ll learn: How to use variable content on landing pages How to build content blocks using text, images, and video How to share personalized content with specific individuals


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