FAQ: Can I Embed Video in My Email?

Using rich media in marketing campaigns is definitely trending up for 2015. Email is an excellent way to drive your contacts — buyers, prospects — to your content, and so every so often, we get the question, “Can I embed a YouTube video in my email?” The short answer is, “not really.” The standard video embed code won’t work with any inboxes, but HTML5 video can be used to render in iOS, Outlook.com and Apple. HTML5 still won’t work in Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook, though — arguably the three biggest […]

Resizing Images in Email Design – An Update

For years, email marketing experts have said to always upload and insert images into emails in their final size, rather than resizing them in the Image modal or by dragging the image by its corners. In the past, the biggest reason for that has been because email clients like Yahoo, AOL and Outlook will ignore those resize “tags” and try to insert your full, HUGE image. After some new testing & research this week, we’ve found that few and maybe no email clients still “blow up” an email image to […]

Updated Editor Allows you to “Draw” Tables

We’ve upgraded the Editor — we use a 3rd party called CKEditor — to their latest release/version. The most noticeable improvement is that now, when you click the icon to insert a table, you’ll select the number of rows and columns by “drawing” it on a grid to insert it. In the screenshot on the right, you’ll see that we’re selecting a 2×2 table, measured from the top left corner to the cell that I click on as the bottom right corner of the table. This example will insert a […]

Single & Double Line Spacing with Soft & Hard Returns

A few of our users have asked us: how can I force a single line space between paragraphs or lines in my email, instead of the default double space? The answer is a quick trick: hold down the Shift button while you hit Enter and you’ll see a “soft return” (single-spaced line) instead of a “hard return” (normal default new line spacing). For example, It’s as easy… as 1, 2, 3! What goes into a great marketing email? Download the anatomy of a marketing email template Important TIP: As you […]

FAQ: How do I change the color of the links in my email?

With your emfluence custom-branded template, your link color is usually set to a branded color that matches the theme. But have you ever wanted to change the color of a link? After you add a link to your text, highlight the link and select your link color from the text color icon on the Editor.      TIP: Google doesn’t allow black color for links (Hex #000000). If they spot links that are black in your email, they’ll automatically change them to default blue. If you want to make a “black” […]


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