A few of our users have asked us: how can I force a single line space between paragraphs or lines in my email, instead of the default double space?

The answer is a quick trick: hold down the Shift button while you hit Enter and you’ll see a “soft return” (single-spaced line) instead of a “hard return” (normal default new line spacing).

For example,
It’s as easy…
as 1, 2, 3!

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Important TIP: As you may already know, various inboxes can do whatever they want with the stylings in your email and return styles are no different. For example, in Yahoo’s inboxes, your normal “hard return” will automatically be single-spaced. So there isn’t any difference between the two. But, to your advantage, if you want to force double spacing, you can use two soft returns in place of a hard return for forcing the extra spacing.

Another important note: Soft returns mean that your content is all in the same paragraph. You’ll notice that using soft return means that if you center or right-align the text, both before and after the soft return will take the new alignment.

It’s all part of the fun of email marketing design in a multi-inbox world!

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