What’s a Healthy Amount of Email to Send?

Email marketing is a two-way street. You’ve got emails to send out to your list and they have content they want to read about in those emails. Until they don’t.   Did you know that email fatigue is an actual thing? Yes, we said it. Emails aren’t just beautiful graphics and witty copy—they can be stressful for those in charge of campaigns (even if it is a creative, anxious but mostly excited type of stress) as well as those on the receiving end.   Your subscribers can experience exhaustion from your emails […]

List Building—How to Do It The Right Way

According to our report on the State of Email Marketing, email is becoming increasingly more relevant with 87 percent of marketers believing that email marketing is or will be critical to their overall marketing success.   However, there is no email marketing without an email list, and building a robust database is a top priority for marketers everywhere. We’re here to share some tips and tricks on building and growing a subscriber base you’ll be proud of.   What is an Email List? An email list is a database of important information […]

Examples (and Results) of Dynamic Content Testing in Email

The best part about working in marketing is that we’re often trailblazers in our industry, with opportunities to test out strategies and discover new ways to connect with audiences. Our work each day centers around data-driven creativity.   We spent the earlier part of this year focusing on personalization, sharing and learning about the importance of tailored copy in marketing efforts. We took what we said to heart and did some of our own testing to gain insights on the impact of customizing our marketing messages. By playing with dynamic content, […]

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2021

In our annual Email Marketing Benchmarks Report, we take a look at who sent the most email, number of unique clicks, and results from holiday sending. Our findings tell us that email is most certainly not dead. We also saw that:  B2B marketers seemed untouched by the pandemic due to the average click rate and volume of emails they sent in 2021.   This past holiday season (November 1 – December 31) saw an uptick in open rates across all but three industries which bodes well for 2022.  People want and […]

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing has been an important way of corresponding with consumers since it was first introduced. It has extensive reach and it’s effective at its job of providing a direct form of communication between entities.   While there are about a gazillion marketing strategies to engage audiences, like traditional marketing (newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio spots) or digital marketing (social media, texts, PPC), email is where it’s at. And, you must admit, because we understand its power, it does consume us as marketers. We plan out strategies months in advance, attend […]


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