Tip of the Month: Content Blocks in the emfluence Marketing Platform

Content blocks provide an easy way to populate frequently used content in an email. With the emfluence Marketing Platform, they have the added ability to populate dynamic content blocks based on the contact by using content variables. You can assign one or more content blocks to a contact, then add that variable to an email, which will populate the content. See how it’s done below: To get started, we created two content blocks that we’ll be using for this email. Which one did you receive? On a contact record, you […]

B2B Email Marketer’s Guide to Outlook

It’s every email marketer’s least favorite inbox, and yet for B2B email marketers, the Outlook inbox is the most likely place our emails will land. Outlook is notorious for wreaking havoc on design elements, blocking attractive images, and making email marketers cry, but despite the problems it causes, it’s still the fourth-most popular inbox in the world, according to Litmus’ http://emailclientmarketshare.com/:   While we can’t change the fact that Outlook is the bread and butter inbox for B2B, we do hope our B2B email marketer’s guide to Outlook can ease […]

Tip of the Month: Milestone Emails

Last month, we gave you some ideas for building milestone emails, and this month we’ll show you how you can implement these ideas in the emfluence Marketing Platform. We are going to utilize custom variables to assign the personalized values throughout the email. The first step is creating and naming these variables:   Once we have defined custom fields, they can be populated with our data.   With custom fields populated, we can now add the variables to the email that will pull in these numbers! <span class=”headline”>Nice work, $$firstName!</span><br/> […]

Lead Reactivation Campaigns

Have leads in your CRM system that you’d like to reengage on behalf of your sales team? Learn how to leverage your CRM integration to the emfluence Marketing Platform to build a lead reactivation campaign:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create automated campaigns triggered from  your CRM system How to personalize emails to look like they’re coming from CRM record owners How to nurture leads to a desired goal

High Contact Score Campaigns

You’re gathering contact scores, but what’s next? Learn how to automate emails to people who reach certain contact scores–and how to keep customers out of your automations:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create queries targeted at leads with high contact scores How to personalize your emails How to leverage your CRM to ensure your automated emails land in the right inboxes


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