Email Marketing Benchmarks 2021

In our annual Email Marketing Benchmarks Report, we take a look at who sent the most email, number of unique clicks, and results from holiday sending. Our findings tell us that email is most certainly not dead. We also saw that:  B2B marketers seemed untouched by the pandemic due to the average click rate and volume of emails they sent in 2021.   This past holiday season (November 1 – December 31) saw an uptick in open rates across all but three industries which bodes well for 2022.  People want and […]

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing has been an important way of corresponding with consumers since it was first introduced. It has extensive reach and it’s effective at its job of providing a direct form of communication between entities.   While there are about a gazillion marketing strategies to engage audiences, like traditional marketing (newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio spots) or digital marketing (social media, texts, PPC), email is where it’s at. And, you must admit, because we understand its power, it does consume us as marketers. We plan out strategies months in advance, attend […]

Ten Profitable SMS Personalization Strategies

SMS marketing is quickly becoming a go-to method to reach, engage, nurture, convert, and retain subscribers. But using SMS personalization strategies is what will set your text message marketing apart from the companies that are just blasting out generic texts to their lists. Over half of consumers (54%) say they’ll be more likely to purchase products from companies that use personalized text messages to communicate with them. But is that true? People often say things in surveys that conflict with what they actually do in real life. Now that more […]

Where to Personalize in Email

Email marketing doesn’t just play around with the concept of demographics employed by most acquisition marketing channels. There’s an actual, identifiable human behind every email address and they deserve better than a “catch-all” email communication.  In many ways, email is a marketer’s dream. It’s not only a medium where individual consumers opt in and subscribe to your campaigns, suggesting they really value your email communications. It’s also a place where your subscribers surrender so much personal information over the lifetime of their relationship with an organization that it really would […]

Personalization at Scale: More Than “[FNAME]”

By Ryan Phelan | Managing Director at RPE Origin Everywhere I go, I run into someone talking about personalization as if it were some new discovery or the next big trend. We have been talking about the need to personalize for 20 years. Why do people think it’s new?  True personalization is complex. The challenge I see is that we have oversimplified the gateway to success for email marketers. Why should we care? That part is easy.   We need to care because the rest of the digital marketing world is […]


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