Email Marketing: To Double Opt-In or Not?

It’s a question that email marketers have been asking for almost as long as we’ve been sending emails.   Should I collect every email that legitimately comes my way and maximize the size of my lists? Or should I adopt a double opt-in strategy and risk losing potential subscribers with an additional step in the sign-up process, but guarantee the quality of my lists?  A single opt-in strategy can indeed help you build your lists approximately 20-25% faster than a more robust double opt-in process. But does this growth come at a cost?   If you had asked me a few years ago what my preference was, I’d have erred on the side […]

Agile Email Marketing Strategies for the Holidays in the New Normal

The global pandemic changed the way many of us celebrated the holidays in 2020. But if you thought that this was just a blip at the start of the decade and everything would return to normal in 2021, you better think again. Welcome to the holidays in the new normal. While the holidays in 2021 will look much more “normal” than last year’s socially distanced celebrations, the repercussions of the pandemic will continue to disrupt the season. In particular, issues with the global supply chain will mean businesses have to […]

Email Tip of the Month: Building Your Email Lists in the Real World

With the world gradually emerging from lockdown, businesses are finding themselves coming face-to-face with their clients again. But as we meet in person and awkwardly decide whether to offer a handshake, elbow bump, or social distanced wave, there is one piece of engagement that should never be inhibited—building your email lists. Truth be told, businesses have never been very good at collecting data in the real world. For example, how many business cards have lingered in old school goldfish bowls for days or even weeks after their collection at an […]

What’s Transactional and What Isn’t? Using Transactional Emails Beyond eCommerce Receipts

A transactional email is a communication that is sent to a customer following a specific engagement, such as account activation, subscription, purchase, or password reset. They can also be used to highlight the various stages of the shipping process, including the moment an item has been dispatched, package tracking information, and final delivery confirmation.  As email communications go, your transactional emails could be the most important emails that you ever send. Moreover, in an era defined by regulations, including GDPR and CSAL, when businesses can no longer rely on implied consent to add customers to their marketing lists, transactional emails […]

What’s New: Surveys, Email Ownership, SMS Updates and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include more SMS features, a reCAPTCHA option for surveys, the ability to split contacts on a workflow and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built in August 2021: More SMS Updates! emfluence continues to expand its new SMS offering. New features include adding automated SMS messages to workflows and being able to preview the SMS messages inside the workflow (you can now also do this on emails in workflows!). If you are interested in enabling SMS in your account, reach […]


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