The Effect of Email Marketing on Customer Lifetime Value

Email marketing has been a key channel for reaching customers. This is a strategy that gives you the opportunity to really connect with your audience in a direct and personal way. It can also have a significant impact on your customer’s lifetime value and lead to many benefits if deployed with intention. Read on as we explore what customer lifetime value is and how email marketing plays a role.  What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is a metric that is important to a company when analyzing […]

Why Sending a Thank You Email is Important to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Here’s an instance of something we learned when we were younger that still applies: always say ‘thank you’! Showing your gratitude in a situation is always noted. This is the case in both your personal and professional life and even more so when working with clients and customers. A thank you makes people feel appreciated and valued. Curious to see how a simple thank you can translate into your marketing strategy? Read on for more insight!  Thank You Emails Thank you emails enhance the customer experience. While they may feel […]

Creating Your Email Checklist: What to Double Check Before You Hit Send

Whether you’ve been creating emails for years or you’re just getting started, any good email marketer will tell you that an email checklist is a good resource to have on hand. They are so simple that you probably already have one in mind while scrutinizing your emails before you hit send. Well, we’re here to make things even easier for you with a comprehensive list to ensure that all your emails are perfect when they hit your recipients’ inboxes. The Importance of an Email Marketing Checklist An email checklist is […]

10 Email Strategies to Optimize Your Program

Emails are one of the most effective ways for nurturing your leads and have been shown to generate one of the highest ROIs among marketing channels. So, what happens after you’ve taken the time to map out a high-level nurture, designed the coolest layouts, and sent them off to your list? You dive back in to improve results through email marketing optimization.   Email Marketing Optimization While going through your past email campaigns and nurtures can be time consuming, we highly recommend it. Small changes here and there can have a […]

Why Email is Still the Top Performing Channel After 50+ Years

Email is an old name in the business yet it continues to be one of the top performing marketing channels. It’s a medium that’s been through it all and proved again and again why it’s an effective way to reach customers and nurture relationships. You may already have a good idea of why emails are relevant but get ready to fall in love with this marketing format all over again.   Is Email Marketing Still Effective? Email marketing is not only effective, but also reliable. This is a tried-and-true method for […]


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