Please Leave a Review: How to Ask for Reviews in Email Strategy

Any company that understands the value of email probably already has a strong email strategy in place, but does that strategy include asking for reviews? Whether your company is offering a product or service, reviews are crucial to your brand’s reputation and business growth, and in some cases, even your lead generation efforts. Did you know that 45% of buyers use reviews during their purchasing process (TrustRadius) and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a trusted review (G2)? Add to that the fact […]

How Many Calls to Action Should Your Email Have?

There’s a good chance you read this headline and said out loud, “one!” And for most email types, you’re probably right—one call-to-action per email is the general recommendation for a reason: it holds your audience’s attention to the singular “thing” you want them to do, which is click to convert on your email. But sometimes, one call-to-action can have the opposite effect: it can turn off recipients who would like to do something, but not necessarily that thing (or at least not yet). For example, let’s say you’re running a […]

Email Tip of the Month: Anatomy of an Accessible Email

This month’s email tip is brought to you by Anne Tomlin of Emails Y’all. Anne Tomlin is a freelance email developer and the founder of Emails Y’all. Specializing in email development for over a decade, she has worked with such brands as Discovery Inc., NPR, and Brinks Home. Anne is dedicated to coding accessible, responsive emails that render gorgeously in every major client. She runs Emails Y’all based on the principle that everyone deserves an excellent rendering regardless of their chosen client. In the latest Tip of the Month, we […]

What to Do with Purchased Email Lists

So you’ve got a list of purchased email addresses—now what? Whether you were pressured to buy this list, came across it in your marketing automation platform, or discovered it in your company files, the first thing you should know is that you should not send an email to these people. Not even to ask them if they want your emails—not even that. It’s tempting to sit on a list of potential buyers, and even more so if you’re in B2B and can make a good guess that these email addresses […]

What’s in a From Name?

Composing the perfect email is about so much more than a snappy subject line and clever call-to-action. With the constant barrage of marketing emails being sent daily, the inbox has become valuable real estate! As a marketer, all you can hope for (at the very least) is that your recipients open your email, but you may need to do more to entice them—like be more mindful of who the email looks like it’s coming from. Did you know that more than half of email users pay attention to the from […]


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