How to Build a Milestone Email

Today’s marketers are living in an age where valuable customer data is at their fingertips. But with all that information, where do you start? Customers expect a certain level of personalization and relevancy to their messages when engaging with your brand, so what better way to put your data to use than with a milestone email celebrating their birthdays, loyalty or personal accomplishments?   Let’s start with the strategy. You don’t want to set up a milestone campaign just to say you have one. First, you’ll need to define what […]

Email Newsletter Strategy

Make the most of your email newsletters by learning how to encourage opt-in subscriptions, build your lists over time, and send out engagement-friendly subscription confirmations:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create an automated newsletter welcome series How to encourage subscriptions on your website How to segment and create an opt-in newsletter strategy

How to Build a Birthday Email Campaign

Looking for a marketing automation strategy that rewards your audience on their special day? Watch our video to learn how to build an automated birthday email campaign in the emfluence Marketing Platform: In this video, you’ll learn: How to set up a dynamic query that automates emails based on a contact’s birthday or a calculated date around the contact’s birthday (like a half-birthday) What sorts of content to include in a birthday email How to set a cadence between several automated birthday emails How to create an automated workflow that […]

How to Build a Trade Show Lead Nurture

Want to make the most of your trade show leads? Start by building a trade show lead nurture program with your CRM and marketing automation platform.   The idea of creating a lead nurture campaign is pretty easy to get behind. A lead comes in, a scheduled series of follow up touchpoints are triggered, conversion rates improve and all things are right and good in the world of sales and marketing.   As you plan out your event communications strategy, here are some high-level steps to get you up and […]

Tip of the Month: CSS techniques to optimize for mobile email

Many marketers are guilty of only previewing their email on desktop inboxes before sending, assuming the mobile version will be functional enough to pass. If your emails have significant mobile open rates, here are 5 ways you can quickly optimize them with CSS for a better mobile experience: 1. Stack multi-column layouts into a single column Phone screens don’t have much horizontal real-estate, and most multi-column layouts will struggle to fit. You can stack these columns, and allow the user to scroll through the content naturally. CSS /**This will turn […]


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