5 Myths About the Holiday Season (Debunked)

Not everything you read on the internet is true. Many of us have come to realize that without issues. However, the same goes for marketing hearsay that pops up! Email is one of the most used channels in marketing and is definitely not dead. Ever wonder if you have your facts straight about email marketing? Curious about the marketing myths that circulate in our industry?  Wonder no more! We’re here to clear things up for you.   Myth #1: X Day of the Week is Best for Sending Emails Tuesdays are […]

Get Your Email List Ready Now for The Holidays

Holiday cheer, string lights, Black Friday frenzies, candy canes, and hot chocolate may be the last thing on your customers’ minds right now, especially with the sweltering heat of summer bearing down.   Marketers, however, have to work a few steps ahead which means that while swimming pools and cool drinks dance through the minds of our audiences, sugar plums and Christmas trees are dancing through ours.   We’re here to remind you that the holidays are fast approaching and while half a year may seem like plenty of time to prepare, […]

10 Infallible Ways to Build an Email List

Marketing campaigns are spearheaded by headstrong creatives with data-driven intuition and endless ideas. However, if it really comes down to it, email lists are the bread and butter of the marketing world. Efforts we put into our email lists attract and retain customers, creating a long-term solution that powers growth.   What is an Email List? An email list is that oh-so-important stash of data that contains contact information for those that have voluntarily subscribed to receiving emails from your company.   This is one of the best assets you own because […]

How to Promote Your Presence on Next Gen Marketing Channels Via Email

Next generation marketing is filled with lots of shiny toys for the marketing creative to experiment with, from text messaging communications to the world of podcasts, influencer marketing, and more. There are more marketing channels than ever where marketers can connect with audiences about products, services, and company updates.   While all these methods of communication provide unique ways for engaging audience preferences, it’s the time-tested email that we’d like to highlight when it comes to showing off your cool new marketing tools.   Emails are a tried-and-true way of nurturing a […]

What’s a Healthy Amount of Email to Send?

Email marketing is a two-way street. You’ve got emails to send out to your list and they have content they want to read about in those emails. Until they don’t.   Did you know that email fatigue is an actual thing? Yes, we said it. Emails aren’t just beautiful graphics and witty copy—they can be stressful for those in charge of campaigns (even if it is a creative, anxious but mostly excited type of stress) as well as those on the receiving end.   Your subscribers can experience exhaustion from your emails […]


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