Designing Your Lead Scoring Model

As wacky as some of our marketing ideas get, there is always a rhyme or reason behind our actions. As marketers, we aren’t just chasing down anyone who stops by our storefront, whether virtually or physically. We understand that the most effective way to grow a business is to use a lead scoring model.   A properly fleshed out lead scoring model is one of the most impactful strategies to put in place to keep track of where your potential clients and customers are in the sales funnel. This is a […]

Email Marketing: To Double Opt-In or Not?

It’s a question that email marketers have been asking for almost as long as we’ve been sending emails.   Should I collect every email that legitimately comes my way and maximize the size of my lists? Or should I adopt a double opt-in strategy and risk losing potential subscribers with an additional step in the sign-up process, but guarantee the quality of my lists?  A single opt-in strategy can indeed help you build your lists approximately 20-25% faster than a more robust double opt-in process. But does this growth come at a cost?   If you had asked me a few years ago what my preference was, I’d have erred on the side […]

Feature Update: Contact Group Membership and Views Over Time

You may have noticed a couple of small, but extremely useful, updates to the emfluence Marketing Platform. If not, read below and find a couple of new tricks in looking at your data! Contact Details Now when you are viewing the Contact Details of an individual contact record, all groups which that contact is a member of will migrate to the top of the list. You will also see a new search bar allowing you to search the column for other groups which you may want to add that contact. […]

Re-Permission Campaigns for Aged Lists

A couple weeks ago I received a call from a new client who was moving from another M.A.P. to our Platform. They had hundreds of thousands of emails they had collected over 10+ years and they weren’t sure if they should bother with the oldest lists or not. My answer: Clean it up and start with a Re-Permission Campaign. It’s the New year after all, the perfect time for getting things like this straightened out. Email List Cleaning First, we discussed why list hygiene was the place to start. After […]


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