Why Your Marketing Campaign Analytics Are Not Performing at Their Best

We all rely heavily on our marketing campaigns to drive growth and connect with our target audiences, but building a great campaign is only half the battle. What comes after launch is an extensive process of analyzing and improving. Understanding your campaign performance through analytics is what sets successful campaigns apart from missed opportunities. Today we’ll step into the world of campaign analytics and how this insightful data can make or break your success.  What Are Campaign Analytics? Campaign analytics are just as vital as the campaigns themselves. It is […]

Keeping Your CRM Up-To-Date and Healthy

When a business invests in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like Microsoft Dynamics, it invests in the organization’s smooth running and efficiency. A well-maintained CRM will give everyone in the business, who needs access to customer data relating to just about any function, the right information at the right time. Conversely, a poorly maintained CRM can be a disaster.  To understand what a healthy CRM strategy looks like, we should perhaps first take a look at some bad CRM habits that lead to the availability of multiple versions of […]

Personalization: The Buzzword for Savvy B2B Marketers in 2022

By now, it should come as no surprise that the use of personalization significantly improves campaign performance. However, while 95% of B2B marketers agree with that statement, only 62% of the marketers surveyed in our State of Email Marketing B2B Perspective report plan on including greater personalization efforts in their 2022 strategies. If marketers understand the importance of personalization, why aren’t we seeing more of it?  The truth is, there are many reasons why there hasn’t been a larger adoption of personalization strategies in the B2B space—a lack of confidence, […]

Personalization at Scale: More Than “[FNAME]”

By Ryan Phelan | Managing Director at RPE Origin Everywhere I go, I run into someone talking about personalization as if it were some new discovery or the next big trend. We have been talking about the need to personalize for 20 years. Why do people think it’s new?  True personalization is complex. The challenge I see is that we have oversimplified the gateway to success for email marketers. Why should we care? That part is easy.   We need to care because the rest of the digital marketing world is […]

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

According to the International Data Corporation, global spending for big data and business analytics solutions is forecast to reach $215.7 billion in 2021, representing a 10% growth over 2020.    However, a quick internet search for “how many companies are data-driven?” renders conflicting, if not downright perplexing, search results.  Topping the page is a link to a recent Harvard Business Review Survey showing:   72% of survey participants report that they have yet to forge a data culture 69% report that they have not created a data-driven organization 53% state […]


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