Customer Relationship Management Strategies That Will Drive Your Business Forward

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the beating heart of your business. With every step of prospect and customer engagement recorded in your CRM, you should never be more than a few clicks away from the intelligence you need to make strategic decisions.  But your CRM is only as good as the information you feed it and the decisions you make about how to use that data. To make the best use of your CRM, you need a carefully defined and precisely executed CRM strategy.  What is a Customer […]

Identifying the Right CRM Software for Your Insurance Agency or Brokerage

Insurance is a funny old business. It’s one of those financial products everybody needs but hopes they’ll never have to use.   As an insurance agent or broker, you know that the only time most of your clients think about their insurance is when their policies are due for renewal, or when the worst happens and they need it to cover their losses. You’ll also know that a considerable part of your job is reminding your clients that their renewals are due—because there is no insurance policy for a lapsed insurance […]

The Power of a Marketing Calendar

Marketing strategies are crucial for any business looking for success. However, even the best strategies can benefit from the support of useful tools to help keep them focused on their goals. A powerful tool that we can’t recommend enough is the marketing calendar. This serves as your go-to roadmap for planning and executing marketing initiatives effectively. With the correct use, this can impact your revenue generation and enable you to streamline your marketing decisions and processes.  The Impact Your Marketing Calendar Has on Revenue Generation There’s nothing worse than getting […]

4 Ways to Use Your CRM to Improve Customer Loyalty

Those in the marketing world are used to looking forward to the next campaign, the next sale, the next customer. We’re here to remind everyone of the importance of taking a step back and focusing on the success you’ve already managed to achieve. Your current customers are an attestation to how much you’ve grown but they’re also evidence of the potential you have to continue growing. Improving customer loyalty and building strategies for retention is a key factor in boosting sales and growing —learn how your CRM can help you […]

Customer Probability Analysis: Making Your Business More Efficient

The ever-changing business landscape can make planning for growth and profitability challenging. This problem is particularly true for start-up businesses with little or no customer data to make strategic decisions. For many of these businesses, setting targets and assigning budgets is akin to holding your finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing — a precarious strategy. However, suppose you’ve been in business for some time or have access to benchmark (or even anecdotal) data from a similar organization or industry resource. In that case, there […]


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