Meet Your Leads Where They Are

Generating leads in the past may have looked like cold calls or emails to customers who have never been exposed to your brand. However, these tactics are proving to be outdated in many industries especially because there isn’t much solid ground to work from.   Instead, marketers are finding that the best strategy for generating leads is to meet them where they’re at. This means creating chance encounters through online ads, carving out paths through clever content, or using social media to attract interest. When you do this, you’ll find that […]

Keeping Your CRM Up-To-Date and Healthy

When a business invests in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like Microsoft Dynamics, it invests in the organization’s smooth running and efficiency. A well-maintained CRM will give everyone in the business, who needs access to customer data relating to just about any function, the right information at the right time. Conversely, a poorly maintained CRM can be a disaster.  To understand what a healthy CRM strategy looks like, we should perhaps first take a look at some bad CRM habits that lead to the availability of multiple versions of […]

How to Use the Information You Have in Your CRM to Inform Dynamic Content

By Marie Wiese | President of Marketing CoPilot How Can I Navigate Out of the Unknown? As marketers and business people, we want to believe that we know and can identify everyone in our target market. But the reality is that we quite frankly, cannot.  Think of your target market as a continuum that spans from unknown, to slightly known, to well known, and then qualified. The question we ask ourselves when looking at this image is: “How can we turn those unknown people in our target market into sales-qualified […]

Microsoft Dynamics’ Role in Mapping the Customer Journey

As marketers, we talk a lot about the importance of maintaining quality customer data and its fluidity. If your data isn’t fresh, up-to-date, and easily accessible across your organization, the value of that data is potentially compromised.   Having a central repository to store and manipulate your data isn’t a “nice to have” option. It’s absolutely essential. Needless to say, the moment a spreadsheet is involved, you suddenly lose any integrity in your data.  Introducing Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics is a software solution that organizations employ to manage their data for […]

How Your CRM Can Help You Get Personal

CRMs have an amazing ability to take relationships to the next level. They equip companies and teams with the tools needed to attract, retain, and nurture clients. Tap into your CRM and you also tap into the insights needed to personalize quickly and efficiently for your audience. Curious how to use what’s already at your fingertips to drive your personalization efforts? Read on to learn about the power of a CRM in getting personal. Build Relationships You’re already using your CRM to save everything from phone calls to social media […]


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