New DMARC Requirements for Gmail and Yahoo!

Beginning February of 2024, Gmail and Yahoo! will require senders to pass DMARC in order to avoid negative impact to email delivery. What is DMARC? DMARC is an email authentication protocol that works on top of SPF and DKIM. For a DMARC record to pass in emfluence, you must also have the required DKIM records for that sending domain (which should have been set up during your onboarding). You can learn more about DMARC and how it works here. What do I need to do? If you send emails to […]

What to Do with Purchased Email Lists

So you’ve got a list of purchased email addresses—now what? Whether you were pressured to buy this list, came across it in your marketing automation platform, or discovered it in your company files, the first thing you should know is that you should not send an email to these people. Not even to ask them if they want your emails—not even that. It’s tempting to sit on a list of potential buyers, and even more so if you’re in B2B and can make a good guess that these email addresses […]

Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce in Email Marketing

Let’s start with simple definitions: in email, a bounce happens when a recipient’s mail server rejects an email. It’s the email server equivalent to swiping left on a dating profile app. Hard bounces and soft bounces can be triggered for several reasons, and it’s important to know which type is affecting your email marketing campaign from reaching some of your contacts. Knowing the difference between a hard bounce versus a soft bounce will help you effectively handle each situation when they come up, while still maintaining your deliverability reputation and […]

Send the Perfect Re-Permission Email

If you turned to email marketing as a reliable channel to engage with your customers in 2020, you were not alone! The emfluence Marketing Platform saw a 177% increase in send volume in 2020, with the Advertising/Marketing industry boasting a 349% increase in send volume. With these metrics, we can safely say that email is NOT dead! Even though email is alive and well, this does not give marketers a free pass to be cavalier with the quality of their email lists. Clean data is king, people! What are we […]

How to Stop Email Disasters Before They Strike

Ever wish you had a time traveling DeLorean to go back and fix costly email errors? Everyone makes mistakes, but smart email teams know how to stop them from ever happening. In part two of our webinar series with our friends at Email On Acid, emfluence CEO David Cacioppo and Email On Acid’s Geoff Traub joined emfluence’s Cory LaGrange for a discussion on all the things that can go wrong with email, and how to prevent email disasters before they strike.  Disasters can strike at every point in the email […]


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