What’s New with the emfluence Marketing Platform: Q1 2021

The emfluence Marketing Platform team rolls out dozens of new features each year…so many, in fact, that we discovered it can be difficult for our fans to keep track of all the new bells and whistles. That’s why this year, we’re excited to launch a new quarterly series designed to walk you through not just what’s new, but also how to put these new features to use for your company.  For our first edition of What’s New with emfluence, watch David Cacioppo and Natalie Jackson chat about: Our new integration […]

Tip of the Month: Variable Images for Each Inbox

Want to take your personalization to new depths? By leveraging Device and Email Client Targeting options through our friends at NiftyImages, you can create dynamic images (and links) that are designed specifically for the recipient’s device or inbox. Use Cases for Email Client Targeting As seen in our example email this month, you could have received a different image depending on whether you opened the email in Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL Webmail, Gmail, Webmail, or otherwise (the fallback image). Which one did you receive? For the purposes of sending this to […]

Ghost Buttons: A Transparent Take on Double Calls-to-Action

You’ve seen them on websites and in emails for years: subtle call-to-action boxes that feature a thin border and text label of the same color with no button fill. These little guys are commonly known as ghost buttons, and they’ve created quite a division in the digital marketing space. Some marketers swear by their effectiveness while others call them poor performers. At emfluence, we like to say that as with most things email, it really depends. Why Use a Ghost Button? Thanks to a pretty simple design that often blends […]

The Future of Email Part One: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Email

From the future of AMP to the @ sign’s past, emfluence’s first webinar in a series of three with our friends at Email on Acid was a huge success! Featuring Women of Email Co-founder Jen Capstraw, emfluence’s Director of Digital Strategy Cory LaGrange, and Email on Acid’s Betsy Grondy, we covered a full slate of where email has been, what’s happened to email since COVID, and where email is headed next. If you missed the session live, you can sign up to watch the event here. We had so many […]

Uplevel Your Email Copywriting Game with 5 Quick Tips

2020 has been a year for email marketing to shine. With so much inconsistency around traditional marketing channels, email send volume has increased exponentially this year. At emfluence, we’ve seen a remarkable 177% increase in the number of emails people are sending this year over last—which means more competition for that email open in your recipients’ inbox. If you’re looking for ways to uplevel your email marketing, evaluating your copy is a great (and easy) place to start. Here are 5 of our quick tips for crafting email copy that […]


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