10 Email Strategies to Optimize Your Program

Emails are one of the most effective ways for nurturing your leads and have been shown to generate one of the highest ROIs among marketing channels. So, what happens after you’ve taken the time to map out a high-level nurture, designed the coolest layouts, and sent them off to your list? You dive back in to improve results through email marketing optimization.   Email Marketing Optimization While going through your past email campaigns and nurtures can be time consuming, we highly recommend it. Small changes here and there can have a […]

What Does Accessibility Mean in Email?

As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our emails — from experimenting with cool designs and layouts to integrating interesting graphics or widgets. No matter what creative tricks you have up your sleeve, one point to always take into consideration is accessibility. There’s no reason why your content can’t be enjoyed by everyone. After all, if you’re excited about sharing that hilarious GIF, your subscriber would probably get a laugh out of it too.  Accessibility is a large topic to tackle with multiple areas to dive into but […]

Email Accessibility: The Importance of Alt Text

Ask any email marketer about the most important aspect of their campaigns. They will typically highlight the careful use of subject lines, preview text, body copy, images, and compelling call-to-actions (CTAs). These are all highly visual and essential components of an email campaign. But what if the recipient has a visual impairment and cannot see these elements?  Thankfully, a raft of technologies is available that can help people with visual impairments stay connected with friends, colleagues, business partners, and brands via email. Collectively known as screen readers, these applications convert […]

How to Update Email Templates for the Holidays (without a lot of work)

If you’re like most marketers, the holidays are a major period where you’re hoping to up your email marketing strategy in order to make the most of the holiday season. This is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone, whether you’re selling a service or product or looking to buy. It’s also the time of year when marketing efforts reach an all-time high to cater to the demands of consumers and meet end of year goals.   Emails are the tried-and-true method of looping customers and clients in […]

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks: Live Text

A picture is worth a thousand words. That statement should be as true today as when Frederick R. Barnard first suggested it in the late 1800’s. However, as an illustrator famed for his work on the novels of Charles Dickens and early visual advertising campaigns, it’s safe to say that Barnard never experienced the problem of a poorly rendered email.   When images fail to download due to lack of internet or mobile connectivity, a picture is worth absolutely nothing.  Words and Pictures Suppose you use graphics to represent the text in your email campaigns (think company logos, fancy fonts, promotional banners), […]


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