Mastering Email Performance Analytics

Discover the essence of effective email marketing through comprehensive reporting. In our latest video, I delve into the significance of metrics in the email marketing process. Reporting not only gauges the success of your strategies but also communicates your achievements to key stakeholders. Learn why regular scrutiny of email metrics is vital, allowing you to identify performance outliers and understand your baseline. Uncover the key to focused metric analysis by aligning your goals with specific email campaigns, ensuring a streamlined and insightful reporting process. The Importance of Reporting in Email […]

Mastering Click-to-View Rates

Unlocking the secrets of email engagement is crucial for effective marketing, and a key metric in this journey is the click-to-view rate. Ever wondered about the difference between a regular click rate and a click-to-view rate? The latter is the gem you need to evaluate the true impact of your email campaigns. In this insightful how-to video, we dive into the nuances, explain why it matters more than a simple click rate, and guide you through calculating and optimizing this essential metric using the emfluence Marketing platform. Get ready to […]

Harnessing Domain and Device Analytics

In my latest video, I’m diving into the powerful realm of domain and device analytics within the emfluence Marketing Platform. While it’s easy to access domain and device reports, understanding their significance is key to leveraging them effectively. The domain report breakdown provides crucial insights into your email recipients’ domains, guiding optimization for performance, deliverability, and design. Discover how tracking domains can unearth early deliverability issues and tailor your approach based on specific domains. Equally important is regularly scrutinizing device reports to tailor your email content for optimal desktop and […]

Creating Segments and Workflows in emfluence

In this video, I take you on a tour of the emfluence Marketing Platform, demonstrating the seamless process of creating segments and workflows. Learn how to use the Query Builder to segment your audience, create dynamic groups and more. From identifying contacts with upcoming birthdays to automating personalized birthday emails, I showcase emfluence’s power in crafting targeted campaigns. Follow along as I navigate through the steps, offering valuable tips for optimizing your email marketing strategies. If you are an email marketer, if you’ve used email software before, you know how […]

5 Tips on How to Generate Leads and Nurture Relationships with AI

AI is a practical and essential tool for the modern-day marketer. It helps brands thrive in a competitive landscape and allows you to nurture relationships through effectively.  These relationships are more important than ever especially when it comes to email marketing tactics. Nurturing your leads through email involves building and maintaining meaningful relationships and guiding prospects through the customer journey. It requires providing subscribers with valuable content and assistance through personalized, relevant, and timely communications with the ultimate goal of turning them into loyal advocates.   How does AI help you […]


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