Unlocking the secrets of email engagement is crucial for effective marketing, and a key metric in this journey is the click-to-view rate. Ever wondered about the difference between a regular click rate and a click-to-view rate? The latter is the gem you need to evaluate the true impact of your email campaigns. In this insightful how-to video, we dive into the nuances, explain why it matters more than a simple click rate, and guide you through calculating and optimizing this essential metric using the emfluence Marketing platform. Get ready to elevate your email game and master the art of click-to-view rates.

Unveiling the Importance of Click-to-View Rate

Tracking and understanding your click-to-view rate is such an important metric in your email marketing and in understanding your email engagement. So first you might be asking yourself, what is the difference between a normal click rate and a click-to-view rate?

Decoding the Difference: Click Rate vs Click-to-View Rate

A click rate just measures how many people clicked on your email out of how many people were sent your email. A click-to-view rate instead measures how many people clicked on your email out of how many people viewed your email. So if you’re trying to understand your email engagement, how effective your call to action was, whether you had a good idea by using a button rather than hyperlinked text—you’re really going to be wanting to look at the click-to-view rate rather than just the click rate alone. Why is that? The click rate is also affected by other metrics such as the effectiveness of your subject line and your deliverability.

Basically, someone can’t tell you whether you did a good job getting them to that CTA or getting them to click on that intended link if they never even open your email. So when you’re measuring how effective your email content was, how effective your calls to action were, you want to be looking at the click-to-view rate.

Calculating Your Click-to-View Rate

In the emfluence Marketing platform, we calculate your click-to-view rate for you with every email that you send. If you’re calculating it on your own, however, all you would do is divide your number of clicks by your number of views and then multiply that by 100 to get your rate.

Evaluating Your Click-to-View Rate

So how do you know whether or not you have a good click-to-view rate? Well, of course you can look up your industry benchmarks and see what a similar click-to-view rate is for people in your industry. It’s also important, however, to be checking this stat regularly. That way you can develop your own benchmarks in your own baseline and improve and optimize over time.

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