In my latest video, I’m diving into the powerful realm of domain and device analytics within the emfluence Marketing Platform. While it’s easy to access domain and device reports, understanding their significance is key to leveraging them effectively. The domain report breakdown provides crucial insights into your email recipients’ domains, guiding optimization for performance, deliverability, and design.

Discover how tracking domains can unearth early deliverability issues and tailor your approach based on specific domains. Equally important is regularly scrutinizing device reports to tailor your email content for optimal desktop and mobile experiences. Uncover practical tips and insights on interpreting and utilizing these analytics for smarter email marketing!

Unlocking the Power of Domain and Device Analytics

The emfluence Marketing platform makes it so easy to view the domain and device reports for the email that you send, but that doesn’t actually do you any good if you have no idea what you’re looking at.  

Understanding Domain Reports: Optimizing for Success

Let’s start with domain reports. A domain report is a breakdown of which domains you are sending your emails to. Why is this an important report to look at? Knowing which domains or inbox providers your email recipients are using is so important when it comes to optimizing for better performance, better deliverability, and better email design.

So why is that an important thing to track? Let me tell you. As an example, if you notice that a lot of the emails you’re sending are to people with an domain, you’re going to want to make sure that your emails are optimized and show up correctly in Gmail. Also, if you’re looking at your domain report and you see that one specific domain has a very low deliverability rate, this can alert you to a problem early on before it becomes an even bigger issue.  

Monitoring Deliverability Rates: Early Issue Detection

So how will you know if a domain that you’re sending to has a lower than normal deliverability rate? This is why it’s so important to look at your metrics regularly. This will help you establish your baseline, so it’s really easy to spot outliers. It’s also very important to be looking at your device reports regularly, so that you know whether your subscribers are viewing and clicking on your emails in desktop or mobile.

Device Reports: Tailoring Content for Optimal Experiences

You’ll want to know where people are viewing or clicking on your emails to help you optimize placement and design. For example, if you see people are regularly looking at your emails and clicking on them in mobile, you’ll want to make sure that the font is big enough to read on a phone screen, and you might even want to add a little bit of extra space around your buttons so that clumsy thumbs don’t accidentally click on the wrong thing. And you’re also going to want to make sure that your call to action is above the fold because an email becomes so much longer when you’re looking at it on a phone.  

Practical Insights and Future Tips

I hope this helped you better understand domain and device reports in the emfluence Marketing Platform! Please stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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