Winback Campaigns

You win some, you lose some. Learn how to create automated email campaigns that help win them back using the emfluence Marketing Platform:   In this video, you’ll learn: CRM triggers that can feed automated winback campaigns How and when to create automated campaigns for leads or clients you’ve lost What sorts of messages to include in a winback campaign

Whitepaper Download Nurture Campaigns

You’re promoting a ton of great whitepaper content, but are you effectively nurturing people who download your content? Learn how to automate campaigns that drive downloads to sales appointments:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to trigger a nurture campaign What sorts of content to offer along the series How to support a nurture into a new sales opportunity

Website Page Visit Email Automation

Want to send emails based on pages someone has visited on your website? Learn how to create automated campaigns that send dynamic emails based on website visits:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create dynamic queries based on website page visits How to create dynamic branching based on website engagement How to automate emails based on website page visits

Paid Search Lead Nurture Campaigns

You’re getting great results with paid search, but are you effectively nurturing those new leads through your buying cycle? Learn how to create a lead nurture series that supports inbound paid search and paid media leads through the purchasing phase:   In this video, you’ll learn: What sort of supportive messaging to include in a lead nurture How to trigger the nurture campaign How to connect your series to your sales cycle

Onboarding Campaigns

Welcome new clients, customers, and prospects to your brand with an automated email onboarding series. Learn how to deliver information that’s relevant and creates a smooth onboarding process:   In this video, you’ll learn how to: Create triggers from your CRM system to launch an automated welcome series Incorporate helpful information needed for new clients to get started Personalize based on CRM data points


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