Discover the ins and outs of setting up an effective abandoned cart workflow in the emfluence Marketing Platform. In this video, I will walk you through the process of creating a targeted abandoned cart campaign, leveraging the platform’s features and integrations. Learn how to seamlessly connect your data and personalize your email campaigns based on customer journey stages. Don’t miss out on optimizing your e-commerce strategy – watch now!

Workflow Setup and Integrations

We will create a new workflow, and it’ll be abandoned cart. Save that. For the abandoned cart campaign, basically we’re going to have a group. Anytime you determine that a cart has been abandoned, we’re going to add them to that group.

Woo has an integration with Zapier. With Zapier, you could say, anytime we’ve determined that there’s an abandoned cart through Woo, send that contact, that email address to this group, and this group is going to have that automatic email campaign associated with it.

We’ll just drag out the email, connect the two, and then we can compose our email. You can make decisions in here as well. This is our decision node, but basically I could say, well, I want to send them this campaign, but I also want to check their journey stage. So I want to say if they are an advocate, if they purchased from us maybe 10 or more times within a 12 month timeframe, I’m going to determine that they’re an advocate and I want to send them a different message.

Email Composition and Personalization

I could do some branching in here and I could say, well, you get this message and everybody else gets this message. So some really cool control. The dependencies are that we have good data in CRM and that it’s mapped over to emfluence. But as you saw when I started that we have that journey stage field. If that data is current, that’s going to sync over to the workflow. And so we can always be targeting based on journey stage. And that’s just kind of one example of how you might make a decision in a workflow.

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