Email Tip of the Month: Kerning, Leading, and Tracking in Email

I spent several years as a Production Artist. Part of my job was to make sure the typography in print ads was absolutely perfect. In an ideal scenario, email would respect some of the same typography features that print teams take advantage of, but let’s face the facts: email hates typographers and production artists. This post is a continuation of our email test to determine how well email client applications handle precision typography techniques like Kerning, Leading and Tracking. Here’s what each of those looked like in our email: Now […]

When to Use Data Append Services

“Should I use a data append service?” That’s a great question, but before it can be answered you need to answer a few other questions. Why do you want to append that data? What data do you want to append? And, how do you intend to use that data? First let’s look at the Why. Most likely it’s for marketing purposes. You may want to have the ability to achieve better segmentation for targeting or better personalization to increase response rates. You may also be looking to create personas to […]

Customizing the Account Entity in Dynamics CRM

The out of the box configuration of the Account Entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM has room for improvement when it comes to User Experience. From the seemingly random boxy layout of the Summary tab (and most of the tabs), to the abundance of seldom used fields, to the ever so slow loading timeline, things could be better.   A good user experience puts emphasis on critical and frequently used information and de-emphasizes less critical and less frequently used information. And while it’s not set up well for most organizations out […]

How to Build a Trade Show Lead Nurture

Want to make the most of your trade show leads? Start by building a trade show lead nurture program with your CRM and marketing automation platform.   The idea of creating a lead nurture campaign is pretty easy to get behind. A lead comes in, a scheduled series of follow up touchpoints are triggered, conversion rates improve and all things are right and good in the world of sales and marketing.   As you plan out your event communications strategy, here are some high-level steps to get you up and […]

Using Multiple Lead or Scoring Models to Deliver the Right Message Across the Customer Journey

If you are tracking and assigning values to customer and prospect activity as it relates to digital engagement with your brand, you already recognize that the insight it can bring can greatly assist your sales and marketing activities. At a very basic level, the most engaged contacts represent the hottest opportunities. That data in the hands of a capable sales and marketing organization can have a dramatic impact on success. Yet that’s just one small piece of the customer journey. Contact scoring has a place across the entire customer lifespan. […]


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