Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing: SWOT Analysis

It’s never been easier for marketers to target their audience in a location that almost guarantees engagement. That location is on a device held in the palm of their customers’ hands, and according to a report in The Atlantic, 21% of people would rather go without their shoes than put that device down. Of course, we’re talking about the smartphone.  It’s hard to imagine a technology so hardwired into our psyche that almost every modern marketing channel attempts to drive engagement through it. Even the humble billboard poster encourages passers-by […]

How to Set Up an Abandoned Cart Workflow

Discover the ins and outs of setting up an effective abandoned cart workflow in the emfluence Marketing Platform. In this video, I will walk you through the process of creating a targeted abandoned cart campaign, leveraging the platform’s features and integrations. Learn how to seamlessly connect your data and personalize your email campaigns based on customer journey stages. Don’t miss out on optimizing your e-commerce strategy – watch now! Workflow Setup and Integrations We will create a new workflow, and it’ll be abandoned cart. Save that. For the abandoned cart […]

What is SMS Marketing? What You Need to Know and Do

You’ve heard about it. You’ve probably received some of it from other businesses. But what is SMS marketing, exactly, and how can you use it to serve your existing customers, gain new potential customers, and boost revenue? Is it something you add to your marketing mix or a replacement for an outdated program?  As you’re about to see, SMS marketing (or text message marketing) uses a unique channel to reach and engage with customers.   SMS marketing has several advantages over other forms of marketing communication and customer service. For one, […]

10 Ways to Get More SMS Opt-Ins

An SMS subscriber list holds massive potential as a robust source of revenue and engagement from existing customers and followers. Are you growing it as much as you should be? Attracting more SMS opt-ins will deepen your relationships, increase loyalty, improve your service, and ultimately lead to higher revenue. After all, SMS is known for having a near perfect open rate with up to 98 percent of texts being read.   But before we look at how to get more SMS opt-ins, we need to clarify a couple of legal issues.  […]

How to Enhance Customer Service Using SMS

Great customer service is never easy. Establishing a consistent experience takes time, well-trained and motivated employees, and a functioning support system. But as you’re about to discover, you can greatly improve your customer service using SMS, and with much less effort. SMS customer service doesn’t take much time or employee training, and the support system already exists on platforms like emfluence.  What makes great customer service?  Entire books have been written about this, but we could break it down into three categories: communication, experience, and meeting expectations. The ten SMS […]


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