Ten Profitable SMS Personalization Strategies

SMS marketing is quickly becoming a go-to method to reach, engage, nurture, convert, and retain subscribers. But using SMS personalization strategies is what will set your text message marketing apart from the companies that are just blasting out generic texts to their lists. Over half of consumers (54%) say they’ll be more likely to purchase products from companies that use personalized text messages to communicate with them. But is that true? People often say things in surveys that conflict with what they actually do in real life. Now that more […]

SMS Marketing Basics: Using Texts for Customer Engagement

SMS marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective forms of media for businesses to directly engage customers and prospects. Why? Because the open rates are through the roof and text messages are read almost immediately upon receipt. It’s the most direct, efficient, and quite possibly effective way to communicate with customers who have opted in to receive texts from your company. But using text messaging to reach customers comes with a few extra strings. You have to do it a certain way to stay legal and compliant, for […]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adding SMS to Your Marketing Mix

SMS marketing has quickly become a key part of the marketing mix for companies — both small and large — across almost every industry. It can be used to revive leads for B2B organizations or inspire immediate customer action for B2C brands. But like any ‘new’ way to reach customers and attract leads, the question remains, “Is it right for your organization?”. To help you determine if bulk text messaging might be something your company should begin using as an engagement, sales, and customer service tool, here’s a quick look at the […]

Improve Conversions with Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are a make-or-break part of the conversion path for campaigns. And yet, landing pages are typically given far less attention than the steps at the leading and trailing end of campaigns. When implemented well, landing pages can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. Even small tweaks to things like the placement of call-to-action buttons can drive meaningful results. And, as with all things on the conversion path, the more relevant and engaging the content on the page, the better the results. A wide variety of sources can […]

Email Tip of the Month: Kerning, Leading, and Tracking in Email

I spent several years as a Production Artist. Part of my job was to make sure the typography in print ads was absolutely perfect. In an ideal scenario, email would respect some of the same typography features that print teams take advantage of, but let’s face the facts: email hates typographers and production artists. This post is a continuation of our email test to determine how well email client applications handle precision typography techniques like Kerning, Leading and Tracking. Here’s what each of those looked like in our email: Now […]


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