Feature Update: Contact Group Membership and Views Over Time

You may have noticed a couple of small, but extremely useful, updates to the emfluence Marketing Platform. If not, read below and find a couple of new tricks in looking at your data! Contact Details Now when you are viewing the Contact Details of an individual contact record, all groups which that contact is a member of will migrate to the top of the list. You will also see a new search bar allowing you to search the column for other groups which you may want to add that contact. […]

Connect your Google Analytics account to the Platform

As promised at the 2014 User Conference, we’ve rolled out a Google Analytics integration for your Platform “Home” dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to see your website traffic overlaid with your email and social media message post timing. This is the next step in correlating your digital marketing campaigns to your website traffic and even sales. How to Build an Email Reporting Template Download our template here To get started, follow these simple steps: Go to “Options” and “Linked Accounts” and “Manage Accounts”. Click the “New Account” link. Click […]

Analytics in the Dashboard

Beginning on 1/20/14, when you log in to your emfluence Marketing Platform account, you’ll notice the new dashboard right away: the Audience dashboard. The current dashboards will still be there, but further down. (You can collapse your audience dashboard to hide it, if you prefer.) This dashboard will show your email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn audience growth over time at a glance. For the best tour of this new dashboard, check out this video from our CEO, Dave >>


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