You may have noticed a couple of small, but extremely useful, updates to the emfluence Marketing Platform. If not, read below and find a couple of new tricks in looking at your data!

Contact Details

Now when you are viewing the Contact Details of an individual contact record, all groups which that contact is a member of will migrate to the top of the list. You will also see a new search bar allowing you to search the column for other groups which you may want to add that contact. It’s a small change, but we hope it will save our clients time in adding, removing, or editing a contact’s group membership.

Reporting Views Over Time

You may have noticed for manual sends you have a new report available. Along with Domain, Group, Device, Contact Field, and Bounce reporting you can now view data on the open rates of an email over time.

For up to 90 days after the email was sent, Views Over Time Reporting will show you an hourly breakdown of an email’s views. You can shorten or lengthen the time shown on the bar graph by using the orange sliders on the bottom of the scale. This update will help you better determine the life of a given email, and eventually, the actual open rate rather than the initial open rate of the email.

Want to learn more about these features? Contact us here to get started.

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