Customer Journey Mapping for Better Email Marketing Campaigns

The importance of understanding your customers is a top priority for email marketing. Customer journey maps are useful tools that help marketers understand what the customer goes through. This is a visualization that encompasses the entire lifecycle of a customer’s relationship with a brand from exposure to post-purchase interactions. We’ll dive into the world of customer journey maps and how to utilize them to refine your email strategies.   Why Are Customer Journey Maps Important? There are several benefits to customer journey maps that can directly impact the success of email […]

How to Make Your Sales Email Subject Lines Hard to Ignore

There’s no doubt that there are likely dozens of unread marketing emails sitting in your inbox right now. Endless emails are sent on a daily basis to users all over and many are deleted without a second look.   What’s a marketer to do?   Grabbing attention comes down to crafting a compelling email subject line. This is the first impression your email makes and has a direct impact on whether it gets read or dismissed. To stand out, it’s essential to create a subject line that is hard to ignore. In […]

Unlocking Success: The Power of Creating Email Lists for Business Growth

The power to keep customers and clients on your side rests in your email lists. But those lists will only help you build customer loyalty and drive revenue if you put them to work.  It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, how good your products or services are, or how well you deliver on your promises; customers can be a fickle bunch. If you don’t keep them engaged between projects or purchases, they can quickly have their heads turned by a competitive offer. Throughout this article, we’ll […]

The Effect of Email Marketing on Customer Lifetime Value

Email marketing has been a key channel for reaching customers. This is a strategy that gives you the opportunity to really connect with your audience in a direct and personal way. It can also have a significant impact on your customer’s lifetime value and lead to many benefits if deployed with intention. Read on as we explore what customer lifetime value is and how email marketing plays a role.  What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is a metric that is important to a company when analyzing […]

Why Sending a Thank You Email is Important to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Here’s an instance of something we learned when we were younger that still applies: always say ‘thank you’! Showing your gratitude in a situation is always noted. This is the case in both your personal and professional life and even more so when working with clients and customers. A thank you makes people feel appreciated and valued. Curious to see how a simple thank you can translate into your marketing strategy? Read on for more insight!  Thank You Emails Thank you emails enhance the customer experience. While they may feel […]


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