How Many Calls to Action Should Your Email Have?

There’s a good chance you read this headline and said out loud, “one!” And for most email types, you’re probably right—one call-to-action per email is the general recommendation for a reason: it holds your audience’s attention to the singular “thing” you want them to do, which is click to convert on your email. But sometimes, one call-to-action can have the opposite effect: it can turn off recipients who would like to do something, but not necessarily that thing (or at least not yet). For example, let’s say you’re running a […]

Email Tip of the Month: Anatomy of an Accessible Email

This month’s email tip is brought to you by Anne Tomlin of Emails Y’all. Anne Tomlin is a freelance email developer and the founder of Emails Y’all. Specializing in email development for over a decade, she has worked with such brands as Discovery Inc., NPR, and Brinks Home. Anne is dedicated to coding accessible, responsive emails that render gorgeously in every major client. She runs Emails Y’all based on the principle that everyone deserves an excellent rendering regardless of their chosen client. In the latest Tip of the Month, we […]

Ghost Buttons: A Transparent Take on Double Calls-to-Action

You’ve seen them on websites and in emails for years: subtle call-to-action boxes that feature a thin border and text label of the same color with no button fill. These little guys are commonly known as ghost buttons, and they’ve created quite a division in the digital marketing space. Some marketers swear by their effectiveness while others call them poor performers. At emfluence, we like to say that as with most things email, it really depends. Why Use a Ghost Button? Thanks to a pretty simple design that often blends […]

Tip of the Month: Web and Email Accessibility

The age of the Internet means information is readily available all the time. But just because this information is available does not mean it is easily accessed by everyone. What if you rely on a screen reader to see the email for you? What if you are unable to operate a mouse and require the use of a keyboard only to navigate a web page? Or perhaps you are one of 300 million people with some type of color deficiency. How can you read the text if the color contrast […]

Tip of the Month: How to Do a Dark Mode Email Image Swap

This month’s Email Tip of the Month comes from Developer Ed Ball with Email On Acid. Email On Acid offers the comprehensive pre-flight email testing and rendering tools that make the emfluence Marketing Platform’s Preview Pane so powerful. Dark mode can sometimes cause problems for email developers because, as usual, email clients render things differently. But dark mode also provides us with an opportunity to try some pretty cool tricks. Be sure to catch our Jan. 12th Webinar with Email On Acid as we cover Lessons Learned from 50 Years […]


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