Amplify Your CRM Strategies with Data Analytics

Leveraging customer engagement data can help you make the right decisions to drive your business toward profitability and growth. The trick is knowing how to store and manage the data in ways that are advantageous to your team.   The best possible repository for your data is a decent CRM system. But that’s only the start of the process to make the most out of all your hard-won data.  Only when your CRM system is fully aligned with your entire MarTech stack can you have any confidence in having a “single […]

Increasing Email List Engagement with Conversation Starters

Email marketing has been and still is one of the most effective methods of reaching customers.  However, we’re all too familiar with overflowing inboxes—cue screenshot of an email app on a mobile phone screen with 3,000+ unread messages.  To fight the clutter, we as marketers must focus on how to create meaningful interactions. In this article, we’ll explore tactics to boost engagement and help you create emails that resonate with your audience.   Setting Expectations Right off the bat, it’s important for new subscribers to know what to expect from you.   […]

Choosing the Right Form Builder: Factors to Consider

Online forms show up everywhere you browse and have become an essential tool for collecting valuable customer data. You’ve likely filled out hundreds if not thousands in your life whether that’s signing up for updates, opting in for a newsletter, entering giveaways, registering for events, and more. From the user experience side, it is very intuitive and second nature. But what about from the side of the marketer who has to create the form? Choosing the right online form builder for your company can make a large impact on how […]

4 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

The new year comes with new goals and plans for creating success. While coming up with specific goals is important, it’s just as helpful for business growth to pick specific focuses like customer retention. This is one area that can always be tweaked and improved based on the feedback you receive. Looking to prioritize customer retention this year? We can help.  Increasing Customer Retention In order to tackle this goal, we have to flesh out exactly what customer retention is and why it’s important.   Gaining new customers is an important […]

How to Prep for Email Marketing Platform Migrations

So you’ve settled on a new email service provider or marketing automation platform – congratulations! The trek up the mountain to compare solutions and find agreement with other teams is over. But I hope you’ve saved enough energy for the climb down. There’s still a lot of progress needed to call this thing done. The trick is finding a good, safe trail before making your descent. The risks are great of starting without a path or losing vigilance because you’re fatigued. We’re talking severe injury – campaigns that don’t get […]


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