4 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

The new year comes with new goals and plans for creating success. While coming up with specific goals is important, it’s just as helpful for business growth to pick specific focuses like customer retention. This is one area that can always be tweaked and improved based on the feedback you receive. Looking to prioritize customer retention this year? We can help.  Increasing Customer Retention In order to tackle this goal, we have to flesh out exactly what customer retention is and why it’s important.   Gaining new customers is an important […]

How to Prep for Email Marketing Platform Migrations

So you’ve settled on a new email service provider or marketing automation platform – congratulations! The trek up the mountain to compare solutions and find agreement with other teams is over. But I hope you’ve saved enough energy for the climb down. There’s still a lot of progress needed to call this thing done. The trick is finding a good, safe trail before making your descent. The risks are great of starting without a path or losing vigilance because you’re fatigued. We’re talking severe injury – campaigns that don’t get […]

The Managed Inbox Optimization Checklist

Optimizing your email content and program can help drive up performance, but where do you start? There’s optimizing the message content, improving the design layout, monitoring deliverability, analyzing subscriber engagement, and dozens of other activities that require attention. It’s easy to overlook or neglect those monitoring and control tasks when you’re in the throes of campaign planning and execution. But with the emergence of the Managed Inbox, it’s becoming increasingly more important that you nurture and develop all areas of your email strategy to ensure your hard work doesn’t fall […]


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