Spring Cleaning Round II: Why It’s Time to Clean Your Contact Lists

Last year, we suggested a Spring Cleaning for your emfluence Platform account to clean out your users, files, and inactive groups. This Spring, it’s time to take a look at your contact lists. It’s a reality of the digital age in which we live that over time, up to a third of your email subscribers list is going to go bad over a the course of a year.While these email addresses may still be technically valid and won’t bounce, some may have stopped using an old personal Yahoo! or Hotmail […]

Oops Recovery: What To Do When You Delete Your Contacts

There are a few conversations going around this Fall about that gut-wrenching moment when you realize you’ve just OOPS’d. You sent to the wrong list, you found a (problematic) grammatical or spelling error the split second AFTER you send… or my worst nightmare yet: a client who deleted her contact lists. In email marketing, your list is your revenue. Not only is your subscribers’ permission worth gold, the segmentation and engagement data you have surrounding your list are what turn that gold into revenue. This client knows that better than […]

Sales and Marketing Work Together to Update Contact Records

In business-to-business email marketing, every email address that goes bad means lost revenue and potentially a lost relationship. That was the case for one of our B2B senders, eager to keep clean, up-to-date contact data in their emfluence Marketing Platform account. Earlier this year, they synced their customer data to their emfluence account, to keep a current list for their regular product and newsletter sends. As part of that sync, they also received information back from emfluence when a customer unsubscribed or bounced too many times. An unsubscribe means no […]

The Key To A/B Testing: Scientific and Significant Results

We love when our clients test — and learn — something with their email marketing campaigns. From what works in subject lines to the length of the email to how to best use personalization, testing in email marketing is key to consistently increasing your results. But there’s an important caveat: All tests are not created equal. In order to really learn from your tests, they need to be both scientifically accurate and statistically significant results. Did that phrase take you back to college? It turns out that statistics class is […]

FAQ Answered: Can I Buy an Email List?

First, and importantly: Are you allowed to buy email addresses and add them to your emfluence Marketing Platform account? No. emfluence users/clients can only send to your own permission-based, or “house” list, of opt-in subscribers, those people that reasonably expect to receive email from you. This is also the law in many countries, varying from needing “permission” to “express consent” and they don’t mean those people that forgot to uncheck a box for 3rd party offers a few years ago. That said, email marketers often ask us if they should […]


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