How Contact-Based Pricing Changes Your Email Program

A few years ago, we sat down with one of our uber savvy clients, as they were preparing to use the emfluence Marketing Platform for their own marketing. In particular, as we looked at pricing options, we weighed the options: Volume-based pricing, meaning they would pay a rate per send per recipient, OR Flat-fee based on total number of contacts in their account. We chose to go with contact-based pricing. Here’s what it meant for this client and for how they use email in their integrated campaigns: You don’t have […]

Create and modify your own email templates with Template Builder

One of the many benefits of the emfluence Marketing Platform are the custom-branded templates for your brand, loaded in your account for easy, beautiful emails.  We can help make templates that are mobile-responsive, integrate data sources (like what products or blog posts are new on your site) and more. Over the past couple of years, though, our clients get savvier and more and more marketers have asked to “take the reins” and code their own email templates. From small changes — like a change of address for your footer or […]

How to Pass Spam Filters: What to Tweak When your Spam Tests fail

Email spam filter test Thanks to an integration with Litmus, emfluence Marketing Platform clients can send their emails through spam filter tests before they deploy. (They can also see what their email will look like in various inboxes.) This gives marketers the opportunity to make changes to their email in order to pass out-of-the-box spam filter settings at inboxes like AOL, Gmail, Outlook, etc. You may see suggested reasons why your email is failing, or you may have to guess… Learn the basics of building a bounce-back email campaign Download […]

Oops Recovery: Having a Little Fun With Mistakes in Email Marketing

I wanted to die. Ok, that’s too dramatic. We do email marketing here, not life saving surgery. But when I accidentally included our entire (REAL) email newsletter list on a demo/test email last month, I at least wanted to crawl under my desk and hope no one talked to me for the rest of the day. Between “Hey did you know that this email was lorem ipsum?” and “Did you mean to send this.. or did I get a test?” I had to explain my dumb mistake to a dozen […]

Oops Recovery: What To Do When You Delete Your Contacts

There are a few conversations going around this Fall about that gut-wrenching moment when you realize you’ve just OOPS’d. You sent to the wrong list, you found a (problematic) grammatical or spelling error the split second AFTER you send… or my worst nightmare yet: a client who deleted her contact lists. In email marketing, your list is your revenue. Not only is your subscribers’ permission worth gold, the segmentation and engagement data you have surrounding your list are what turn that gold into revenue. This client knows that better than […]


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