The Anatomy of an Email

Email marketing boasts a $28 return on investment for every $1 you invest, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Email is reported as driving the highest revenue of any medium for all companies that gross $100K annually or more. (Email’s younger brother social media drove revenue best for small businesses with organic search and email right behind it. Source:  Email State of Health Report 2014.) And why wouldn’t it? Email marketing is fast, cost-effective, and personalizable, from what products you featured to when your emails are sent. So, email works… […]

Email Design Tips for the Non Designer

If you’re like me, you may have uttered the phrase “but I’m no designer…” in your team meetings, usually right after giving some creative feedback or when faced with an email marketing deadline. Thankfully, Justine Jordan snapped me out of that. Back in April, she presented Email Design for the NonDesigner at the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association monthly program and insisted that if you’ve ever made something that elicited opens, clicks and actions… you’re a designer! I’m embracing my inner designer, but I definitely lean on these tips she […]

Another year, another Hackathon: emfluence to sponsor Techweek KC

Techweek, a conference centered around building a better world through tech entrepreneurship, is bringing their week-long series of events to Kansas City and emfluence taking part in the fun as one of three sponsors of the 24-hour Hackathon. Last year, when we rolled out our API in beta, we hosted a Hackathon as part of our own User Conference. Our four teams came up with four great ways to integrate data with emfluence and emfluence data with other apps and databases, from a stage one Salesforce integration to a mobile […]

Sales and Marketing Work Together to Update Contact Records

In business-to-business email marketing, every email address that goes bad means lost revenue and potentially a lost relationship. That was the case for one of our B2B senders, eager to keep clean, up-to-date contact data in their emfluence Marketing Platform account. Earlier this year, they synced their customer data to their emfluence account, to keep a current list for their regular product and newsletter sends. As part of that sync, they also received information back from emfluence when a customer unsubscribed or bounced too many times. An unsubscribe means no […]

Email Marketing Trends in 2015

This is a recap of the presentation I gave at the 2015 emfluence Marketing Platform User Conference in Kansas City. The presentation revisited both my predictions for 2014-15 and the new trends we’re seeing for 2015 and beyond. Revisit the slides here. I admit that when I speak on email marketing at conferences or on webinars, I still get that rare one person who asks “Does anyone still use email marketing? In a social media world?” Yes, in fact, a lot of people do. Because they like making money with […]


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