The Power of the Preheader (+ Subject Line)

It goes by many names: Preheader, Preview Text, Second Subject Line, Snippet Text. Whatever you call it, it is (in this email marketer’s opinion) one of the most underutilized but most valuable parts of a marketing email. The Preheader of your email lives at the very beginning – above your banner image, before any content or links. Since it’s usually displayed below or directly after the Subject line, it’s much more relevant in Inbox view than once the email is actually opened. The inbox is, after all, the point at […]

Using Dynamic or Variable Images in your Email Campaign

This week we heard from another client who wondered how and why to use variable images in their campaign. In this case, they have an outreach campaign that should be sent “from” a different university depending on which was closest to the prospect, but otherwise, the content of the campaign stayed largely the same with some variable text. They wanted to know if they could use variables for images the same way they do for “area of interest” or “first name” to display the logo of the prospective students’ university […]

Adding Stylized Alternate Text to Your Email Design

No email can produce results if it looks empty. As we often remind our clients, nearly a third of subscribers have images turned off by default, including Android phone readers and many Outlook subscribers. That’s why we talk about using text pre-headers, a good balance of text and image and alternative or “alt” text when designing emails. At the basic level, you should add alt text to any image in your email design, just in case readers have images turned off. This will show up in the blank image spot […]

Expanded Custom Fields

After listening to client requests, we’ve upgraded your custom fields in a big way. We’ve added the ability to create 5 more custom fields, giving all standard Platform accounts 25 total customizable data points about your contacts. (This is in addition to your 17 standard fields like First Name, etc.) Not only that, ALL of your fields now have the option to be given a type. Your original 20 fields are text fields with 400 characters by default. You can make 5 new fields and choose from 5 data types:text, […]

What is Email Authentication (SPF & DKIM)?

When you’re sending email through a third party, like the emfluence Marketing Platform, there are a few important technical items that your Email Service Provider (ESP) should help you take care of.  One of the most important is your email authentication.  When you set up a new account or switch to a new email platform, the platform team should ask you to add two text records to your DNS – SPF and DKIM – that will help optimize your inbox placement. A lot of this process may sound like jibberish […]


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