Unlock Landing Page Success: No Design or Tech Skills Required

Never underestimate the power of a good landing page strategy. A good landing page can help you convert more visitors into subscribers, drive traffic to detailed pieces of thought leadership content (eBooks, videos, podcasts, etc.), test new product ideas, or even build an entire business.  The ability to build and deploy a great-looking landing page quickly and efficiently will give your marketing organization a competitive edge over slower-moving rivals. So, when a marketer is given the chance to launch a landing page strategy without the support of a web developer […]

Email Tip of the Month: Image Optimization for Email

We all want the images in our emails to look great, but when high quality comes at the cost of huge images and slow load times, the user experience can suffer. To get both performance and professional quality, you can optimize your images to reduce the file size while keeping the appearance the same. Resize your JPG Images Original JPG files will usually be very large in both pixel dimensions and file size. This will give you a high-quality image when printing, but the large size is unnecessary for email. […]

Email Tip of the Month: Conditional Content

The emfluence Marketing Platform continually adds tools to help you deliver more relevant content to your audience. With the addition of conditional content functionality, it puts some serious power in your hands! The beta version can be used in both our email and landing page editors. Using it is very simple. The block is available to drag onto your email or landing page within the editor. Once you drop it into your email or landing page, you’ll get options allowing you to customize the condition. Here, we’re telling it to […]

Tip of the Month: Battle of the A/B split test emails!

Using the A/B Testing Tool in the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can create up to five variations of an email, with options to test everything from subject lines to call-to-action buttons, from names, email content, and more. Getting started with the A/B Testing Tool To get started, just click the “Create A/B Split” button on the compose step of your email. You will always have the option to delete any variations you create. Once created, you will see options to create variations of pretty much everything. While you can customize […]

Tip of the Month: Collapsible Navigation in Email

Collapsible navigation is standard practice on websites, but what if you want to include navigation in your emails? Listing a bunch of links above your email content on mobile is not going to be ideal, so if you think your emails need to include navigation, here’s a solution! This was built out using several methods created by Email on Acid, so thanks to them for their contribution to better email! To start, we’ll just create our menu as it will appear in on desktop versions: <div id=”navigation-container”> <table class=”navigation” width=”100%” […]


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