Tip of the Month: Dark Mode in Email

Dark Mode is a feature introduced recently through on Apple and Android devices, and is getting used by those who want better text readability, want to save battery life, or simply prefer the dark appearance. Your emails will generally remain unaffected when a user enables dark mode, but did you know you have the ability to style your emails based on your recipient’s color scheme? Doing so can enable your emails to be more in sync with a user’s preferences, and can also just be a fun way to show […]

Trick of the Month Emails: Black Friday Tips

Black Friday is just around the corner, and turkeys and inboxes should prepare to be stuffed. While having a great offer might be the main focus of your upcoming Black Friday campaign, creating an email that stands out from the rest could be just as important. Here are a few email tricks that could accompany your offer: Use Google Fonts for more visual appeal If you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, Google Fonts can be a great way to bring some originality to your emails. They won’t be […]


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