The emfluence Marketing Platform continually adds tools to help you deliver more relevant content to your audience. With the addition of conditional content functionality, it puts some serious power in your hands! The beta version can be used in both our email and landing page editors.

Using it is very simple. The block is available to drag onto your email or landing page within the editor.

Once you drop it into your email or landing page, you’ll get options allowing you to customize the condition. Here, we’re telling it to not display the content if the contact’s first name is David.

Within the email draft, you’ll now see the content wrapped in conditional tag blocks. There’s no limit to how many of these you can include!

The conditional content tags work in HTML outside the drag and drop editor as well. You can use them to define custom CSS for a specific audience, like increasing the font size and readability for older individuals.

Endless Possibilities

This functionality opens up so many possibilities! How do you plan to use it? We’re excited to see!

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