Building Personalized Landing Pages

With the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can personalize landing pages for each visitor, just like you can with emails. Plus, personalized landing pages are a great way to integrate your digital strategy with physical campaigns, like direct mail! Want to see how you can build a landing page that swaps variables for a personal experience? Watch this special video from the 2020 And Then Some Conference to learn how:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create variable content in an emfluence Marketing Platform landing page How to use […]

What’s New: Drag and Drop Landing Pages, Updates to Contact Details

If you love the drag and drop experience of the emfluence Marketing Platform’s email builder, you are going to be very excited about this month’s update! We’re rolling out some awesome new features sure to make you feel like the emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you. New Drag and Drop Editor Makes Creating Landing Pages a Cinch Creating landing pages is now easier than ever with a Drag and Drop editor. As on the email builder, the drag and drop features allow […]

Introducing Our New Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Want to build landing pages that are so intuitive, you’ll swear the process was built just for you? Team emfluence is excited to announce our snazzy new Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder, which is designed to make your landing pages beautiful, responsive, and easy to create. Our Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder introduces the drag and drop experience of our Email Builder into the landing page module of the emfluence Marketing Platform. You’ll still have access to your existing landing page templates and/or custom coded landing pages, but […]

Using Forms and Modals to Grow Your List

Are you using emfluence forms and modals to help grow your list? You should be! One of the easiest ways to help grow your list is to allow people who have found your website to subscribe to your newsletters, offers, or product/service information. Not only feeding your contacts, forms can feed specific groups as well allowing your customers to choose what types of information and offers they would like to hear more about.


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