Introducing Our New Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Want to build landing pages that are so intuitive, you’ll swear the process was built just for you? Team emfluence is excited to announce our snazzy new Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder, which is designed to make your landing pages beautiful, responsive, and easy to create. Our Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder introduces the drag and drop experience of our Email Builder into the landing page module of the emfluence Marketing Platform. You’ll still have access to your existing landing page templates and/or custom coded landing pages, but […]

Using Forms and Modals to Grow Your List

Are you using emfluence forms and modals to help grow your list? You should be! One of the easiest ways to help grow your list is to allow people who have found your website to subscribe to your newsletters, offers, or product/service information. Not only feeding your contacts, forms can feed specific groups as well allowing your customers to choose what types of information and offers they would like to hear more about.

How Contact-Based Pricing Changes Your Email Program

A few years ago, we sat down with one of our uber savvy clients, as they were preparing to use the emfluence Marketing Platform for their own marketing. In particular, as we looked at pricing options, we weighed the options: Volume-based pricing, meaning they would pay a rate per send per recipient, OR Flat-fee based on total number of contacts in their account. We chose to go with contact-based pricing. Here’s what it meant for this client and for how they use email in their integrated campaigns: You don’t have […]

Promoting Events with the emfluence Marketing Platform

Clients often ask, “How can I leverage the Platform to promote my event?” Between automated and scheduled emails, social media planning/scheduling, and landing pages with forms, there are many ways to share event information with users and collect registrations. Every event’s communication str varies, of course, depending on the audience, the amount of time leading up to the event, what information you need to collect during registration, etc. One client recently wanted to build a campaign to make it easy for users to RSVP in one or two clicks, by […]

Surveys & Forms Preview in Landing Page ‘Compose’

A small upgrade with a big visual impact: now, when you drop surveys or forms into your landing pages when composing, you’ll see a preview of the survey or form as it will likely look on the live page (instead of the small placeholder icon before). It will be slightly grayed out, indicating that you can’t edit the survey or form from this page. (You have to go to the survey or form itself to edit it.) Hopefully this is a more useful preview as your creating pages!  


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