Take Your Email from Skateboard to Hoverboard

The final installment of our three-part series with Email on Acid on the Future of Email concluded with emfluence’s Natalie Jackson and Cory LaGrange chatting with Email on Acid’s Amanda Bacher about ways in which email marketers can take their automation to the next level of awesome. Covering systems and processes, data integrations, variables, CDPs, and more, be sure to catch the full video here: Email Marketing Automation Evolution One of our favorite parts of this event was working with Email on Acid to build a guide to Email Marketing […]

Tip of the Month: Variable Images for Each Inbox

Want to take your personalization to new depths? By leveraging Device and Email Client Targeting options through our friends at NiftyImages, you can create dynamic images (and links) that are designed specifically for the recipient’s device or inbox. Use Cases for Email Client Targeting As seen in our example email this month, you could have received a different image depending on whether you opened the email in Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL Webmail, Gmail, Webmail, or otherwise (the fallback image). Which one did you receive? For the purposes of sending this to […]

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

The importance of email marketing has often been a hot topic of debate, especially in recent years. In 2021, as new, exciting technologies emerge and email embarks on its 50th (!!) anniversary, it’s understandable why some marketers may have their doubts about where email fits into their marketing mix. But as any good #emailgeek would tell you, the data shows us that when implemented correctly, email can be one of the most successful channels available. In this article, we’ll dive into six reasons why email marketing is an effective, valuable […]

Send the Perfect Re-Permission Email

If you turned to email marketing as a reliable channel to engage with your customers in 2020, you were not alone! The emfluence Marketing Platform saw a 177% increase in send volume in 2020, with the Advertising/Marketing industry boasting a 349% increase in send volume. With these metrics, we can safely say that email is NOT dead! Even though email is alive and well, this does not give marketers a free pass to be cavalier with the quality of their email lists. Clean data is king, people! What are we […]

What’s New: Pausing or Canceling a Manual Email and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include pausing or canceling manual emails, searching by Domain in Query Builder, easily embedding video on a Landing Page, and Pending Recipients lists for manual emails. See what our community has asked for and what we built in February 2021: Pause or Cancel a Manual Email in Progress AS Asks: Can you provide the option to pause an email in progress? You now have the ability to either Pause or Cancel a manual email in progress. Pausing will allow you to temporarily stop sending to […]


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