Uplevel Your Email Copywriting Game with 5 Quick Tips

2020 has been a year for email marketing to shine. With so much inconsistency around traditional marketing channels, email send volume has increased exponentially this year. At emfluence, we’ve seen a remarkable 177% increase in the number of emails people are sending this year over last—which means more competition for that email open in your recipients’ inbox. If you’re looking for ways to uplevel your email marketing, evaluating your copy is a great (and easy) place to start. Here are 5 of our quick tips for crafting email copy that […]

Email Tip of the Month: Kerning, Leading, and Tracking in Email

I spent several years as a Production Artist. Part of my job was to make sure the typography in print ads was absolutely perfect. In an ideal scenario, email would respect some of the same typography features that print teams take advantage of, but let’s face the facts: email hates typographers and production artists. This post is a continuation of our email test to determine how well email client applications handle precision typography techniques like Kerning, Leading and Tracking. Here’s what each of those looked like in our email: Now […]

What’s New: Survey Reporting Improvements And More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates are focused on tracking and reporting of survey responses. See what our community has asked for and what we built in November 2020: Surveys in Campaigns DC Asks: Can you add surveys to campaigns? We’re glad you asked. Yes, surveys can now be added to campaigns for tracking purposes. Overall, the campaign section of the emfluence platform got a fancy new overhaul. This section now looks and feels more consistent with the rest of the platform, with separate tabs added for categories of elements you […]

Create an Opt-Out Email Strategy with Style

As email marketers, our goal is to continuously grow our list of subscribers who are receiving our communications on a regular basis. However, it is also just as important to ensure that our list of subscribers is clean and healthy. Some of the top ways to ensure you are maintaining a healthy list is by performing regular list cleanse scrubs to identify any potential high-risk email addresses, as well as to practice audience segmentation to ensure you are only sending to contacts who fall within a certain engagement threshold. However, […]

Creating Lead Nurture Campaigns with Your CRM and emfluence

Understanding the roles best played by your CRM and marketing automation platform is key to developing data-driven lead nurture campaigns. It’s important to set the actual content and design of your campaign aside for a moment and think about the data points you will use to build it. But first a quick reminder of why we use lead nurture campaigns—not all leads are created equal. They fall within a spectrum, from complete stranger to your brand to sales qualified prospect with a need, desire and budget established. Somewhere along that […]


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