Marketing and Sales Alignment with Marketing Automation

Want to improve the working relationship between your sales and marketing teams? Watch this special video from the 2020 And Then Some Conference to learn how to facilitate the hand off of marketing leads to the sales team with the emfluence Marketing Platform:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to use Contact Score to qualify leads How to trigger sales conversations with marketing automation How to track success across both departments

What’s New: Workflow Exit Conditions and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates are focused on powerful new features on our Workflow Builder. See what our community has asked for and what we built in August 2020: Workflow Exit Conditions MS Asks: We would love to have exit conditions available on workflows, so that recipients who have already converted are removed from future messages. Exit conditions are now available on all workflows. An exit condition allows you to define criteria to automatically and immediately remove an email address from a workflow. For example, if you have a workflow […]

What You Need to Know About Email Deliverability

In a time where live events and in-person experiences have been put on hold, marketers are depending on email more than ever to connect with their audiences. Recent data shows email is experiencing some of the highest engagement rates in five years, so ensuring your messages are getting in front of your customers is crucial. If your recipients never see the email, how can they engage with your brand? This is where deliverability comes in – playing a big role in any email marketer’s success.   What is deliverability? Deliverability […]

Variable Content

Take personalization to the next level with variable content in the emfluence Marketing Platform. Learn how to create image or content blocks for unique emails:   In this video, you’ll learn: How to create variable content blocks How to assign variable content to recipients How to embed variable content in emails

When to Use Data Append Services

“Should I use a data append service?” That’s a great question, but before it can be answered you need to answer a few other questions. Why do you want to append that data? What data do you want to append? And, how do you intend to use that data? First let’s look at the Why. Most likely it’s for marketing purposes. You may want to have the ability to achieve better segmentation for targeting or better personalization to increase response rates. You may also be looking to create personas to […]


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