6 CRM Trends in 2023

Like much of your Martech stack, the humble CRM system has evolved tremendously in recent years. No longer just a simple central repository for your customer contact and engagement details, the modern CRM has become a powerful engine that can drive your entire email marketing/marketing automation, social media, and content marketing strategies.  These changes all make sense for busy marketers who want to spend less time jumping between platforms and more time producing productive campaigns. But it also makes perfect sense for your sales and customer service teams that deal […]

Why Email is Still the Top Performing Channel After 50+ Years

Email is an old name in the business yet it continues to be one of the top performing marketing channels. It’s a medium that’s been through it all and proved again and again why it’s an effective way to reach customers and nurture relationships. You may already have a good idea of why emails are relevant but get ready to fall in love with this marketing format all over again.   Is Email Marketing Still Effective? Email marketing is not only effective, but also reliable. This is a tried-and-true method for […]

9 Ways Banks Can Use SMS to Engage Their Customers

In such a competitive market, banks aren’t immune to the challenges of earning and keeping loyal customers. Loyalty needs to be earned and re-earned. Customers want to know that they matter, their money matters, their accounts matter, and their livelihoods matter. They want to know they aren’t just an account number, but a person.   And SMS is by its very nature a more personal way to communicate than email or direct mail. By using it, you’re staying engaged with each customer and demonstrating through action that they matter to you.  […]

What’s New: List Cleansing & Verification, Dataverse Improvements and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include a list cleansing and verification tool, the ability to map to picklists through the Dataverse integration, user login history, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: List Cleanse Incorporated into Platform List cleansing or list verification is a good way to keep your list up to date and find and scrub out old addresses that are no longer active as well as identify potentially dangerous addresses such as spam traps. emfluence has now integrated the process into […]

Start the Year Off with a Well-Organized CRM

Have you set your 2023 company goals yet? If you’re like many others out there, a new year signifies the time to reset, collect all of your thoughts from the previous year, and run full speed ahead towards your goals for this year. Before you get too far along though, we have a suggestion.  A well-organized CRM allows you to maximize the impact of your stored data and leverage it to take your strategies to the next level. If you’re really looking to kick off the year right, make it […]


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