What’s New: Social Metrics, API Changes, Zapier, and More

This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include new social metrics, API additions, easier Zapier integrations, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built: Social Reporting: Impressions and Reach AS Asks: Can you add impressions and reach to social reporting? Impressions and Reach have been added as new reporting metrics for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Impressions have also been added for X/Twitter. Instagram users will need to reverify their connection to see the new data in their account. Incoming SMS Notifications CO Asks: Can you notify […]

Harnessing Domain and Device Analytics

In my latest video, I’m diving into the powerful realm of domain and device analytics within the emfluence Marketing Platform. While it’s easy to access domain and device reports, understanding their significance is key to leveraging them effectively. The domain report breakdown provides crucial insights into your email recipients’ domains, guiding optimization for performance, deliverability, and design. Discover how tracking domains can unearth early deliverability issues and tailor your approach based on specific domains. Equally important is regularly scrutinizing device reports to tailor your email content for optimal desktop and […]

Creating Segments and Workflows in emfluence

In this video, I take you on a tour of the emfluence Marketing Platform, demonstrating the seamless process of creating segments and workflows. Learn how to use the Query Builder to segment your audience, create dynamic groups and more. From identifying contacts with upcoming birthdays to automating personalized birthday emails, I showcase emfluence’s power in crafting targeted campaigns. Follow along as I navigate through the steps, offering valuable tips for optimizing your email marketing strategies. If you are an email marketer, if you’ve used email software before, you know how […]

Amplify Your CRM Strategies with Data Analytics

Leveraging customer engagement data can help you make the right decisions to drive your business toward profitability and growth. The trick is knowing how to store and manage the data in ways that are advantageous to your team.   The best possible repository for your data is a decent CRM system. But that’s only the start of the process to make the most out of all your hard-won data.  Only when your CRM system is fully aligned with your entire MarTech stack can you have any confidence in having a “single […]

SMS Analytics Metrics for Data-Driven Decisions

SMS text messaging has been around for more than 30 years. It was a native application on mobile phones long before anyone had heard of the smartphone. Despite the transition to more sophisticated messaging systems like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, SMS remains an essential feature on our mobile devices.  There are many reasons why SMS is still such a popular technology. The simple nature of text messaging means that SMS messages can be sent and received on any device, including feature phones (sometimes, somewhat unfairly, referred to as dumb phones), […]


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