This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include the ability to create and edit your own webhooks, more options for A/B splits, a landing page reporting redesign and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built:

Downloadable Timelines

PC Asks: Can you make a contact’s timeline downloadable?

When viewing a contact’s timeline, you can now download their entire history as a CSV. The file will include a list of every activity (email views, landing page conversions, SMS sends, website tracking views, etc.) along with a date and time stamp for each activity. 

Create & Edit Webhooks

CP Asks: Can you allow us to create and edit our own webhooks?

In the Options menu, under Webhooks, you can now create and manage your own webhooks. If you are a client with legacy webhooks that emfluence set up for you, we’ve reached out about setting up the webhooks via the new method so we can remove the older setup.

A/B Splits with No Winner

SR Asks: I would like to make A/B Splits without using a winner and send to all contacts immediately.

While the A/B Split option will still default to include a winning segment, we have added the ability to segment your contacts evenly without identifying a winning version of the email. This will split all available contacts across your segments for your send.

Unconfirmed Social Messages

DC Asks: Can you add a warning to highlight unconfirmed social messages in the Messages section?

Warnings for unconfirmed social messages have been added in the Messages section.

Creating Multiple Campaigns

MR Asks: When composing a new email, I can only create one campaign and save. Can you change so I can create multiple campaigns?

Previously, after creating a new campaign and adding it to your email, the feature was locked down. We’ve changed it to allow you to create multiple campaigns without having to close out of the modal.

A/B Split Segmentation

SR Asks: My A/B segment counts don’t quite match up – can you take a look?

We’ve made some changes to the A/B Split feature to better handle random segmentation after first taking into account exclusion groups, suppressions, etc.

Landing Page Reporting Redesign

The reporting for landing pages has been given a redesign. Along with a refresh in how data is displayed at the top, you will also find separate tabs for “Sources” and “Visits” with data available to download separately.

GA4 Enhancements

We have made changes to make it easier to connect your GA4 account. If you have had trouble in the past, please try again. The Google account you are using to authenticate must have access to at least one Analytics Account and at least one GA4 property (not Universal Analytics which is now deprecated).

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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