This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include a List Unsubscribe Header for Gmail and Yahoo!, DMARC and DKIM checker, template categories and filtering, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built:

List Unsubscribe Header for Gmail and Yahoo!

To meet the new requirements of Gmail and Yahoo!, emfluence has added a list unsubscribe header which covers the one-click unsubscribe requirement for bulk senders. Because the option is so prominent, you may see an increase in unsubscribes at these domains.

DMARC & DKIM Checker Added to Sending Domains

emfluence has made it easier for you to confirm that your sending domains are passing DMARC (needed for Gmail and Yahoo! going forward) as well as DKIM (needed to properly sign all of your messages). In the Options menu, under Account Settings > Sending Domains, you will see all domains set up for use within your account with a checker for both DKIM and DMARC. You can find more about DKIM records here and DMARC records here. NOTE: If you are a long-standing emfluence client and still using the older ’emfluence’ DKIM record, that will not show as passing under this check.

Disconnecting a Microsoft Dataverse Environment

AG Asks: Can you make it easier to disconnect a Microsoft Dataverse environment?

If you connected a Dynamics environment to your platform account and need to disconnect it to connect a different environment, we’ve made it easier to do so by adding a ‘Delete Environment’ option to the bottom of the Dataverse Integration page. NOTE: There is no “undo” after taking this action.

Template Categories and Filtering

CO Asks: Can you make it easier to organize, search, and choose an email template?

For clients with several email templates, finding the right one can take a little work. To help with this, we’ve added the ability to sort by Title, Date Added, and Date Modified (in either ascending or decending order). In the Template Builder, we’ve also added the ability to tag templates with new ‘Template Categories’ and added that as a filter when selecting a template for an email as well.

If you have older templates you no longer use, you might also consider deleting them (which removes them from your account permanently) or deactivating them (which removes them from the template selection but still allows you to reactivate them at a later date).

Facebook Reactions in Social Reporting

TF Asks: Can you add Facebook reactions to the social report download?

Individual Facebook reactions (Wow, Love, Like, etc.) have been isolated in the social report download.

New Achievements Added

New achievements for SMS sending and connecting Zapier and Microsoft Dataverse have been added.

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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