Spring Cleaning Round II: Why It’s Time to Clean Your Contact Lists

Last year, we suggested a Spring Cleaning for your emfluence Platform account to clean out your users, files, and inactive groups. This Spring, it’s time to take a look at your contact lists. It’s a reality of the digital age in which we live that over time, up to a third of your email subscribers list is going to go bad over a the course of a year.While these email addresses may still be technically valid and won’t bounce, some may have stopped using an old personal Yahoo! or Hotmail […]

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing

Anyone who has blogged or taken the helm of a brand’s social media account for any length of time knows a simple rule of the Internet: Content is key. After all, if you have nothing to say, why should anyone listen? One of the hardest lessons to learn when promoting a brand online is when to write something yourself and when to share someone else’s great insights. Yes, the brand’s official account should emphasize and help promote and spread the brand’s message and expertise, but that’s not all it should do. […]


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