3 Profitable Uses for SMS in B2B Sales and Marketing

B2B sales is built on touchpoints. The more touches you can make with each prospect over the sales cycle and beyond, the greater the likelihood that the prospect will turn into a loyal customer with a high lifetime customer value. SMS offers the potential to ramp up your B2B sales touchpoints with each prospect, at a much lower cost than most other forms of marketing.  SMS is probably the most interactive, personal and immediate form of marketing communication. It can’t replace email, social media or other channels, but it can […]

6 CRM Trends in 2023

Like much of your Martech stack, the humble CRM system has evolved tremendously in recent years. No longer just a simple central repository for your customer contact and engagement details, the modern CRM has become a powerful engine that can drive your entire email marketing/marketing automation, social media, and content marketing strategies.  These changes all make sense for busy marketers who want to spend less time jumping between platforms and more time producing productive campaigns. But it also makes perfect sense for your sales and customer service teams that deal […]

Start the Year Off with a Well-Organized CRM

Have you set your 2023 company goals yet? If you’re like many others out there, a new year signifies the time to reset, collect all of your thoughts from the previous year, and run full speed ahead towards your goals for this year. Before you get too far along though, we have a suggestion.  A well-organized CRM allows you to maximize the impact of your stored data and leverage it to take your strategies to the next level. If you’re really looking to kick off the year right, make it […]

Lead Scoring and CRM — A Match Made in Heaven

Lead scoring and CRM work so in sync that you’d think one was designed specifically for the other and vice versa. To really tackle any marketing campaign, you’ll need to equip yourselves with the tools to help you succeed. Lead scoring models in conjunction with your CRM can help you piece together the puzzling process that is the customer sales journey.   What is Lead Scoring? Lead scoring is the best strategy for measuring how your leads are moving down the sales funnel.   It gives you an indication of how ready […]

How to Better Utilize Your CRM

A carefully managed CRM system is a beautiful thing. Acting as a central repository where individuals across your business can analyze various customer touchpoints to gauge the health of your sales and marketing operation, it’s both the brain and the beating heart of your organization.   Your CRM system should sit at the very top of your MarTech stack and govern every decision your sales, marketing, and customer service teams make. It should also be a vital resource for your finance department and provide the detailed information your senior leadership team […]


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